How to Clean a Clear Phone Case That’s Turned Yellow?

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Clear phone cases turn yellow due to a variety of factors, including chemical exposure and microbial organisms such as fungus and bacteria. Sunlight and UV radiation are the most common causes of phone case discoloration.

Phone cases are lovely until they get dirty, so you should understand how to clean a clear phone case.

Furthermore, the constant friction caused by everyday use, sweat on your hand, and oil on your face, all of which cause an oxidation reaction, will cause the cell phone to turn yellow over time.

Yellowing, on the other hand, has no effect on its fundamental properties, such as toughness and service life. Fortunately, you can avoid this by learning how to clean a clear phone case with some household cleaning products. These are some methods for cleaning a clear phone case.

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Cleaning With Soap and Water

1. Combine Warm Water and Dish Soap

Add 1 cup of warm water to the bowl, then a few droplets of soap. You can use any type of dish soap you like, although a mild one is preferable. Stir it in until the water becomes foamy.

Mild dish soaps aren’t designed to cut through heavy grease and don’t have harsh chemical scents. It’s possible that strong cleaners will harm your case. Dish soap is useful for eliminating mild stains and other debris that might lead to new ones.

how to clean a clear phone case

2. Scrub the Case

Remove your smartphone from the cover first and then place it someplace far away from the water. Brush the entire case, especially around stains. In a circular pattern, try scrubbing near smeared areas.

Make sure you cleanse all of the small places, such as around the camera and charge port openings, with the brush. A cloth or sponge may be used to clean the case, but you won’t be able to get into the nooks and crannies without a brush.

3. Rinse the Case

After getting out of the shower, hold it under running water in your sink. Make sure you get rid of all of the soap, especially in hard-to-reach locations. If any debris is still on the case, use a toothbrush to scrub it again and add more soapy water as needed.

4. Dry the Case

Remove as much of the remaining moisture as possible by shaking off the extra water, then wiping the whole case from front to back. Try to eliminate as much residual dampness as feasible.

It will dry faster if you can wipe it reasonably dry first. Allow your case to air dry as much as possible, removing any moisture it may have.

5. Air dry for 1 hour

Because the case will almost certainly be damp, don’t put it on your phone right away. Place it in an open location with lots of air circulation. Set a clean towel there and then lay the phone cover on top of it.

Allow it to dry completely before replacing it on your phone. Check for any remaining moisture in the case. Water may

6. Wash Your Case Once a Week

Your phone case is in constant touch of dirt, so it’s a good idea to clean it on a regular basis. If you have the time, take your phone out and give the case a good cleaning with soap and water at least once a week. It will also keep the material from yellowing over time.

You’ll collect a lot of debris from your phone case or handbag. It will also acquire a lot of oil from your hands, causing it to become yellow over time. If you take care of it, your case will survive much longer.

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Cleaning With Alcohol

1. Soak a Cloth With Rubbing Alcohol

Remove your phone from the case first. Then, using a tiny cloth, apply the rubbing alcohol. Only a little amount of rubbing alcohol should be used. Shake and squeeze out any excess moisture before cleaning your case.

Isopropyl alcohol is effective against moderate stains that cannot be removed by washing with soap and water. Even if it fails to remove a stain, it cleans bacteria away.

how to clean a clear phone case

Rubbing alcohol may stain some transparent covers, so double-check with the manufacturer before employing it. It’s a good idea to test it out in an unnoticeable area first. Only utilize it as needed and avoid soaking your case in the process.

2. Scrub the Stains

Examine your phone case for any tough grime. Then, in a circular motion, clean the case, concentrating on any stains that appear difficult to remove. Make sure to clean the corners and openings as well; they can be difficult to reach.

Another alternative is to use a spray bottle to shoot rubbing alcohol straight on the case. Keep the case dry by avoiding soaking it; you just need a little bit of rubbing alcohol to clean it. If you have cleaning wipes soaked in rubbing alcohol, you may use them as well.

3. Dry the Case

Take a clean microfiber cloth and go over the case again. Make sure you remove all of the rubbing alcohol from the case. The remaining dirt or debris on the case should also be removed. Remember to clean out any difficult-to-reach locations, such as around the case’s interior edges.

4. Air Dry for 1 Hour

Put up the case in an open location, such as on a countertop or table. If you have to open nearby windows or turn on fans to get a good draft blowing through the room, do so. Once the case is completely dry, you can safely replace it on your phone.

Rubbing alcohol dries faster than water does, but you should allow the case to dry for a while before putting it back on your phone to prevent moisture damage.

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Cleaning With Baking Soda

1. Put Baking Soda on the Case

Remove your phone and keep it aside. Put the case in the sink or on a clean towel. Place it so that the stains are facing up. Then, sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface. Make certain that the spots are completely coated with baking soda.

You can never have too much baking soda, so continue adding till the case, as well as its stains, are thoroughly covered. Baking soda works well on difficult stains that you can’t get rid of any other method.

how to clean a clear phone case

2. Scrub the Case

Dampen a clean toothbrush in a small amount of water. Then, in a circle, move it over the case. Ensure you get all of the hard-to-reach areas, such as the corners and openings.

If the toothbrush begins to dry out, moisten it with extra water. You can either keep it under clean water on your counter or dab it into a basin of water.

3. Rinse off the case

If it isn’t already there, place the case in your sink and run warm water. Use a toothbrush to remove any leftover particles before washing the entire case. Continue scrubbing and rinsing until the baking soda has been completely removed.

4. Dry off the case

First, shake off any excess dampness. After that, remove as much excess moisture and debris as possible. Pay special attention to tiny details such as the case’s corners and apertures. Remove as much water as possible to make sure that your case air dries as quickly as possible.

5. Continue washing if still dirty

If your case is still unclean, wash it with soap and water. In a mixing bowl, combine  2 to 3 drops of liquid dish detergent and 1 cup of warm water. Stir the water till it’s nice and soapy. Then, using a cloth, sponge, or toothbrush, wipe down the entire casing.

Clear away any residual debris. The baking soda will remove heavier stains, although some lighter spots may remain. You could also notice some remaining baking soda that needs to be cleaned out with water and soap.

6. Air dry for 1 hour

Choose an open space in your home, such as a kitchen table or counter. First, dry the case as much as possible. Then, throw a clean cloth on top of the surface and set your phone case on top of that. While you wait, the case will finish drying out.

Make certain that the location you select has adequate air circulation. To circulate air in the room, open windows or switch on adjacent fans. Keep in mind that the case will not dry out as rapidly in regions that are dark or cool.

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Final Thoughts

To summarize, a phone cover is required for safeguarding and personalizing our mobile phone while it is in daily operation. As time passes by, clear phone cases tend to get yellow.

With the ways mentioned above on how to clean a clear phone case, we can continue to enjoy using our clear phone cases without worrying about yellow stains. Having knowledge of how to clean a clear phone case is the key.

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