How to Clean a Smoke Buddy

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Many new technological advancements have come from the legalization of marijuana and its continued use in medicine. One of these advancements is the Smoke Buddy. The Smoke Buddy is a personal air filter, which allows you to keep your smoke to yourself. In the article below, we discuss how to clean your Smoke Buddy.

How to Clean Your Smoke Buddy

Smoke Buddies come in different sizes. The larger the buddy, the longer it can be used before it needs cleaning.


Wiping is the simplest method to use when cleaning your Smoke Buddy. You will need a damp paper towel or baby wipes to wipe everything down well.

Start With Inside

Always start with the inside before proceeding to the outside of the smoke buddy. Follow the following steps:

  • Insert one end of the paper towel or baby wipe into the open end of your Smoke Buddy.
  • Swish it around to remove any particles or debris.
  • If you are unable to reach further into the space, you can use a ruler or anything else that you prefer to get the wipe into all the parts.
  • Repeat until it is clean.

Finish With the Outside

The next part is cleaning the outside of your Smoke Buddy.

To clean the outside:

  • Using baby wipes or damp paper towels, wipe the Smoke Buddy down.
  • Continue wiping until it is clean. Use as many baby wipes or damp paper towels as you need.

Precautions to Take When Wiping

Cleaning your Smoke Buddy with wipes is fairly easy. There are definitely a few things you need to avoid when wiping out your Smoke Buddy.

Things to avoid when wiping out your Smoke Buddy:

  • Using alcohol-based wipes and cleaners. You may have to find out from the manufacturer which cleaners and wipes are the best to use for their product.
  • Making the paper towel too damp. If you notice after you have already wiped that it was too wet, use a dry paper towel to remove the excess moisture as it is not suitable for your Smoke Buddy.
  • Cleaning the air filter. An air filter should be replaced when it is not working correctly and not cleaned.


Although there are people who swear by this method, there are some who do not use it at all. Those who are for microwaving argue that it is simple and takes a short time, while those against it claim that it causes more harm than good to your Smoke Buddy by reducing the filter’s effectiveness.

All you have to do is place your smoke buddy in the microwave for this method. Ensure you place up upright and set the timer for 10 seconds.  After the 10 seconds have elapsed, take it outside and blow into the open end of the smoke buddy.

When you blow into the Smoke Buddy, you will notice some smoke coming out. You may repeat the microwaving process a few more times until you feel it is clean. When you use it when smoking, you will feel the difference.

What to Avoid When Microwaving

When you are microwaving your Smoke Buddy, it is essential that you do not let it stay in the microwave for a long time. Most Smoke Buddies are plastic, and they may end up melting.

Pros of Using a Smoke Buddy

Using a smoke buddy comes with the following benefits:

Minimizing Smell

Some people do not like the smell of marijuana, or you would prefer to keep your habits secret. Using a Smoke Buddy can help minimize any smells.

Use it Anywhere

You have probably had to find somewhere to smoke secretly in the past. With a Smoke Buddy, you can smoke in your room and no one will notice the smell.

Smoke Buddy is small, so it can fit into your backpack easily without raising any suspicions. At the same time, you will be protecting the people around you from inhaling any toxins.

Cons of Using a Smoke Buddy:

Cons of the Smoke Buddy include:

  • The juggling act may become difficult for some people to perform when smoking.
  • A Smoke Buddy tends to clog frequently.
  • You cannot replace cartridges; you will have to buy a new Smoke Buddy.

Maintaining a Smoke Buddy

Cleaning your Smoke Buddy is one way of maintaining it and ensuring that it lasts for a long time. Several other ways to help maintain your Buddy are:

  • Leave the cap off after smoking. Every time you use it, moisture collects inside. Moisture reduces the lifespan of the Smoke Buddy; ensure you put your Buddy in an open area so that it dries.
  • Use the Smoke Buddy for the required time. With regular usage, this is around three months. If you use it often, you may have to replace it sooner.
  • Replace the Smoke Buddy when you find it difficult to blow air into it. This may be because it is clogged.


Cleaning a Smoke Buddy is pretty easy. Cleaning it will not fix the Smoke Buddy if it is clogged and does not blow out air. A replacement would be the best option when it gets to this point.