How to Clean a Heavily Soiled Microfiber Couch

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When it comes to stain resistance, microfiber fabric isn’t really nearly as effective as it is sometimes advertised to be. Because of its water-repellent qualities, it is ideal for use in upholstery furniture. Any fluid that is spilled on it will bounce off the surface rather than be absorbed by the surface material. The accumulation of dirt on the microfiber couch may build up so it is important how to clean a heavily soiled microfiber couch properly.

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What Is Microfiber Couch?

Finely woven polyester and nylon blends are used to create microfiber fabric, which is stain and dirt-resistant. Stains and dust, on the other hand, can accumulate on the couch and enter the fabric over time. This makes cleaning much more difficult. Because of the susceptibility of microfiber fabric to stains and watermarks, it is critical to thoroughly clean a microfiber couch that has become heavily soiled.

How to Clean Microfiber Couch?

Therefore, microfiber furniture is reasonably easy to clean with everyday household cleaners. With the use of a steam cleaner, vinegar, Windex, and rubbing alcohol, we’ll demonstrate how to clean a heavily discolored microfiber couch in this post.

Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is an ideal technique to clean a microfiber couch because it is gentle and will not damage the fabric. It removes dirt and stains from your couch by misting a mix of water and detergent mixture while a soft bristle gently brushes off dirt and grime.

Here are the things to take while using a steam cleaner to clean a heavily soiled microfiber couch.


  1. To begin, vacuum the couch to eliminate any dust, debris, or other debris. Food particles and filth might accumulate in areas that aren’t visible, such as the edges and beneath the cushions.
  2. Begin by utilizing a low-pressure setting to clean the most unclean areas of the sofa. When washing the microfiber couch, use light pressure because forcing the steam cleaner hard against it might easily harm it.
  3. Once the heavily soiled areas have been dealt with, spray the detergent mixture on the rest of the couch and work carefully on it.
  4. Overlap each stroke across various spots to avoid stain lines. If your sofa is very dirty, you may need to repeat the process, but you must prevent saturation.
  5. Allow it to completely dry before straightening any hard portions with a soft brush. If you want your couch to dry faster, use alcohol-based cleaners.

how to clean a heavily soiled microfiber couch

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Rubbing Alcohol

It is critical to use the right cleaning solution to avoid causing damage to your upholstery. As a result, in order to select an appropriate detergent for your microfiber sofa, you must first examine the cleaning guide tag provided by the manufacturer.

You’re likely to notice initials like W, X, S, or S-W on the tag. W indicates that only water-based cleaners should be used, whilst X indicates that the couch must only be vacuumed. If the product’s tag says S, it means the fabric should be washed with solvents such as rubbing alcohol.


  1. Begin by carefully vacuuming the couch, just as you would with any other cleaning product.
  2. Spray softly on the couch, piece by section, using the rubbing alcohol that you’ve poured into a spray bottle.
  3. While the sprayed area is still wet, gently clean it with a soft bristle brush or a sponge to remove any remaining residue.
  4. Before continuing, thoroughly rinse the brush or sponge and eliminate as much filth and moisture from the region as possible.
  5. After you have finished cleaning the couch, allow it to air dry before using a vacuum to straighten up any matted fibers that have formed.

Using Windex

In addition to windows, Windex window cleaner can also be used on a variety of other surfaces. Stains, grease, and build-up are easily removed, and it also helps to restore the luster of glasses and jewelry when used with a soft cloth.

Microfiber upholstery may be cleaned effectively with Windex. However, due to the fact that Windex is colored, you should definitely avoid putting it on a light-colored couch in order to avoid discoloration.

how to clean a heavily soiled microfiber couch


  1. Purchase a container of Windex from your neighborhood store.
  2. Eliminate dirt and debris from the couch by dusting or vacuuming it.
  3. Windex should be sprayed on the couch, but not soaked.
  4. Take a soft bristle brush and carefully scrub the couch to remove any stains. Identify the stained spots and use additional Windex if necessary while you scrub.
  5. After you’ve finished cleaning the couch, allow it to dry. The advantage of using Windex is that it dries quickly, so there’ll be no stains or watermarks left on the couch once it has dried.

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If you prefer household cleaners, this is the option for you. Vinegar is a common household item that may be used for both cleaning and cooking. It is readily available in stores. However, to reduce its abrasiveness, mix five spoons of white vinegar and vinegar when cleaning.

Like any cleaning product, it is best to test a small section of the garment to test whether the product will have an effect on it or not. After you’ve confirmed that, you may start cleaning the sofa. The benefit of cleaning with vinegar is that it also helps in the eradication of odors generated by pet pee or feces.


  1. To begin, vacuum the couch to eliminate any dust or food particles that have accumulated.
  2. Begin to work on the couch area by section with a soft cloth once you’ve diluted the vinegar in a spray bottle.
  3. If there are stubborn stains in a spot, use a soft brush, but be cautious not to apply too much friction or pressure to it.
  4. Keep in mind that depending on how heavily filthy your couch is, you may need to reapply the cleaning process.
  5. After doing the cleaning process on the couch, let it dry.

The advantage of cleaning using vinegar is that it aids in the removal of odors. Those things are caused by pets like pee or feces.


This article has detailed the many methods for cleaning a highly dirty microfiber couch. A steam cleaner, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and Windex can all be used. Most significantly, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

The manufacturer’s tag normally states the cleaning products that should be used to guarantee that the couch was carefully handled, especially during cleaning.

Another thing to keep in mind is that because microfiber is susceptible to stains and watermarks, do not wet the coach during cleaning. This will ensure that it dries quickly without leaving any detergent or water traces.

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