How To Clean Your Car’s Carpet

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The inside of your car is not just dirt and grime, it’s an accumulation zone for all sorts of leftovers from food scraps to forgotten items. When you add up what you spill on these floors, cleaning becomes one important task for you! but, how to clean car carpet?

I know how bad they look; but, there’s no reason why this should be such hard work when you can put together our own DIY clean-ups. These can be done using products found under kitchen sinks—that are usually phosphate-free. It’s easy to keep your car looking fresh and new with all these great products!

The best way to keep your car carpet clean is by removing any spills as soon they happen. You can prevent an unpleasant smell from occurring on hot summer days, too!

Just follow these steps and you will find ravishing results.

Best Ways to Clean Your Car Carpet Clean

Keep Everything In Order

The best way to clean your car is by removing all trash and items that could get in the way. Start with floor-level storage, like cup holders or bins; then move on up!

A simple cleanup can make more space for things you actually want inside vehicles. For instance, groceries (or maybe even some new hairstyle ideas).

Keep your car organized by using a spacious, durable, and thoughtful organizer. There are many options available depending on the size you need. They start from those that can be hung around seats or placed under them.

Also, there are multiple pockets in various sizes for all of life’s little essentials like maps/directions; pens & pencils (so they don’t fall off); sunscreen; insect repellent etcetera!

Start With the Matts

Take time to remove any floor mats from your vehicle before you start the cleaning process. This will help you keep everything clean and organized! You can shake them off or give it a rough swipe with an old towel so that dirt and dust fall out onto these waiting sheets of paper below.

Find Best Tools

In order to make sure your car is as clean and organized on the inside, you’ll first need some tools. The best place for these would be at home. Why? because they won’t fit in with what’s needed when cleaning outside of the house (such as rugs).

When getting started though it can always use a strong hand vac such as those made by Moosoo or Sharkreach which come cordless so there aren’t any pesky wires getting in the way!

Vacuum all over including corners edges under seats etc. Plus, try not to leave anything unturned.

Choose a Good Cleaner

A good car carpet shampoo or cleaner will help you get the most out of your new ride. We recommend using one that is specially made for this job and not just any old detergent from around the house!

In order to keep it looking clean as possible try vacuuming away all those pesky trails before heading off into work tomorrow morning. Sounds like an excellent idea doesn’t it?

Start Cleaning Them

Cleaning your carpets can be a tedious process, but it’s worth the time and effort.

Pro Tip: You can easily clean your car’s AC evaporator without removing it.

Start by reading all instructions that come with cleaner; if there are spray bottles use them directly on affected areas of carpet or upholstery until they are fully covered in solution so you don’t waste any!

Then allow this chemical cocktail to sit awhile before applying pressure using a stiff brush (this works best) while moving circular motions through stain-reviewing every inch for dirt grime combo better cleaning out hidden spots like those pesky germs which will only grow back stronger than ever once we let them alone too long.

Portable carpet cleaners are ideal for getting deep, clean stains out of your carpets. You can use one at home or take it with you on the go!

Wipe Down The Shampoo

To get as much of the shampoo out, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Try to clean all sides so that your carpets are fresh and ready for wear!

If you are at a car wash, also learn a few ways to clean your area rug at a car wash.

Let It Dry

After drawing most of the water out using a cloth, open all doors and allow your car to dry in the breeze. If possible try not to keep it beneath direct sunlight as this will speed up drying time significantly! Feel around for any leaks or wet spots before closing everything back up again so that you can be sure nothing has been missed when checking after an hour has passed.

Feel free to take extra breaks on stubborn areas if needed. Just make sure they are entirely finished before going outside again because we know how bright the sun shines sometimes.

How To Remove Different Stains?

Removing the Grime And Mud

To remove set dirt and mud, fill a bucket with hot water. Then add one cup of white vinegar for cutting through grease-based grime or other chemicals that might be on your ground’s surface (like pet urine). Finally, add just enough dish soap so it does not dry out too much – but still provides plenty.

When you need to clean hard-to-reach spots, mix together 1 part white vinegar with 3 parts water. Then dip a cloth or sponge in the solution and soak your stain before scrubbing using circular motions—don’t forget about those tough states! Finally, wipe away any residue thoroughly so it doesn’t come back again soon.

Removing Coffee or Soda Stains

If you spill anything on your car, be it coffee or soda, there are ways to remove the stains without too much trouble.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Saturated cold water will help get rid of any residual liquid from earlier that may still exist in those pesky little spots.
  2. Next step would entail blotting gently but thoroughly until all hinting at existence has been removed. Don’t worry about going overboard here because we’re just trying our best not have these pesky spills again soon after treatment!


Grease stains are one of the worst things that can happen to a carpet. But luckily, they’re also easily removed! Apply paint thinner on an old cotton cloth and scrub your stain using circular motions until all excess liquid has been blotted away with paper towels or sparse brushes (whatever you prefer).

Final Takeaways

The type of cleaning product you choose for your car’s carpets is important, as it could determine how well the dirt and grime are removed from matting or soiled areas.

There may be some stains on the untreated carpet which require extra attention with a professional machine but if treated properly, it will come off just fine without one; otherwise, we recommend using steam cleaners instead since these work great at removing even deeply-set marks!

That was it for how to clean car carpet. Make sure you check cleaning steps for your car seats and between car seats.