How To Clean Converse Shoes

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Converse shoes are a popular sneaker that comes in many different colors and styles. They are made from canvas fabric and can become dirty or stained quite easily. In the article below, we show you how to clean Converse shoes using everyday household items.

Remove The Laces From Your Shoes

Remove the laces from your shoes as this will make it easier to clean them. Wipe down the shoes with a damp cloth then use warm water and a mild detergent to remove any dirt or stains. Leave the shoes to air dry. Do not put them in the dryer, as this can damage the canvas.

Put On Your Gloves

Put on rubber or latex gloves to protect your hands while cleaning the rest of your shoes. Gloves are essential if you use a cleaner with bleach, as bleach can damage your skin.

Use A Toothbrush

Cleaning the bottom part of your Converse shoes can be tricky. We recommend using an old toothbrush to reach into small areas that are still dirty, such as between the shoelaces or around the soles.

Clean The Rest Of Your Shoe

Use a scrub brush or old toothbrush to clean the rest of your shoes, using a solution of equal parts of warm water and vinegar. Make sure to dab at stains with a soft cloth or damp paper towel.

How To Clean Converse Shoes

Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and dish soap and use a sponge or brush to clean your Converse shoes. This works well for removing stains on rubber soles and laces. Make sure you work in small circles when scrubbing with your sponge or brush. After you finish cleaning the shoe, rinse it with water. Use a wet rag to wipe the entire shoe, especially the rubber soles and laces.

Use a dry rag to clean the sole of your Converse shoes. Make sure you use a new rag for each shoe, as this will prevent any dirt from being transferred from one shoe to another.

Wipe the inside of your shoes with a wet cloth or paper towel after you have cleaned them. Be careful how much water you use, as you do not want your sneakers to be overly damp. Let them air dry before putting them on, as this will prevent bacteria from growing inside of the shoes.

Make sure to wipe down the exterior of your Converse shoes after you have finished cleaning them. Use a soft cloth or paper towel, and be careful how much water you use. Let them air dry for a few minutes, as this will prevent moisture from the rag from getting inside of your shoes.

Your Converse shoes are now ready to be worn! Make sure to clean them often to keep them looking nice and fresh.

If your Converse shoes are white or cream-colored, mix two tablespoons of bleach into one quart of warm water. Dip a toothbrush in this solution and scrub at any stains on your shoes. Rinse them thoroughly afterward.

Dry Your Shoes

Allow the shoes to air dry after you have finished cleaning them. This should take about two hours.

Wash the laces in warm water with detergent and leave to air dry. Be sure not to use a dryer as this can damage your Converse shoes’ laces or other parts.

How To Clean Converse Shoes

Dip a toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide and scrub at any dirt located on or around the sole of your Converse shoes

Use cotton swabs to clean any areas with a hole in them, such as the logo on your shoe. Dip a cotton swab in some water and rub it gently across both sides of the logo.

Use a suede eraser to clean any flaking or wear and tear on your Converse shoes.

Take a circle sponge and moisten it with water. Use the sponge to rub out any scuff marks on your shoes. If you do not have a sponge, you can use an old toothbrush instead.

Spray your shoes with Scotchgard before you wear them again, or use an eraser sponge to rub out any scuff marks

Keep The Shoes Clean

You can keep your Converse shoes looking fresh by keeping them clean. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row and always wear socks. This helps to prevent sweat and bacteria from building up in your shoes. Wipe down the outsides of the shoes with a damp cloth after every use to remove any dirt or debris.


To keep your Converse shoes clean, it is vital to maintain their exterior. It’s a good idea to alternate between two pairs of sneakers and wear socks with each pair you wear to avoid sweat or bacteria from building up inside the shoe. Wipe down the outside of your shoes after every use with a damp cloth for best results.