How To Clean Electric Stove Burners

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Cleaning your electric stove burners is a necessary chore that should be done regularly. Not only will it make your stove look nicer, but it will also help to keep the burners working correctly. This article will provide you with tips on effectively cleaning electric stove burners.

Unplug the Stove

The first step in cleaning electric stove burners is to unplug the stove. This will ensure that you do not get injured while cleaning.

Clean the Surface Of the Stove

Use a wet paper towel to wipe down the outside of your electric stove. This will remove any dirt, debris, or dust on the stove’s surface. You can use baking soda and water or vinegar and water if you need to remove some tougher stains.

Put liquid dish soap in warm water if you need to clean anything greasy off of your stovetop. This also works great as a daily cleaning agent for induction cooktops.

Once you have wiped down the outside of your electric stove, move on to cleaning the burners.

Clean Burner Pans

You can find burner pans under each burner.

  1. Remove each pan and scrub it thoroughly with a wet paper towel and dish soap.
  2. Rinse off the soapy water and dry thoroughly before placing back on your stovetop. If they are filthy, you might need to wash them twice or more before they become spotless.
  3. When you put them back on your stove, make sure they fit snugly in their proper place. If not, then the burner will not work correctly and could be dangerous and cause damage to other components of your electric stove.

Beyond that, cleaning burner pans will prevent flare up on your stove and prevent damage to your electric stove cookware.

Clean Coil Burners

To clean the coils, turn off your stove and unplug it. Take a look at each burner to see which ones are dirty. If you have four burner pans, then only clean the dirty ones for now unless they all seem very greasy or dusty. Use a wet paper towel and dish soap to wipe down each burner.

How To Clean Electric Stove Burners

Rinse off any soapy water before drying them entirely with another paper towel. Coil burners can be difficult to dry out because so many nooks and crannies hold onto moisture, so make sure that all areas of your burner pan are arid, or else rust could form on your electric stove. Leave the burner pans off for several hours before using your electric stove again.

When cleaning your coil burners, replace them on the stove and plug them back in.

  • If they fit snugly, then you can turn on the stove and resume regular use of your appliance.
  • If not, you might need to adjust them until they do correctly, or the burners will not heat up correctly and could cause damage to your electric range if too much heat escapes.

Following these simple steps will allow your electric stove to perform at its peak.

Clean Inside Of Burners

It would help clean inside your electric stove’s burners with a wet paper towel or scrub pad. Spills between sessions are often overlooked, but they can turn into hard-to-remove stains over time if not cleaned out regularly.

Spray cleaner may be necessary for getting tough stains out from between your burners. After you have finished, make sure to wipe out any excess liquid with a dry paper towel.

Rinse And Dry Everything Thoroughly.

Ensure to rinse off all soap and debris from your stovetop and burner pans. Dry everything thoroughly with a paper towel before putting everything back in place. This will prevent rust on your stove and ensure that everything is clean and ready for use.

Many people neglect to clean their stovetop regularly, but it is crucial, especially if you have an electric range, to keep your appliance looking its best. This task may seem difficult at first, but anyone can successfully clean their electric stove burners effectively with the correct tools and materials.

You can even do this every time your oven gets dirty because cleaning the coils under each burner is one of the most effective ways to ensure that heat gets distributed evenly throughout your oven.

How To Clean Electric Stove Burners

Maintaining your burners also helps them last longer, so there are many benefits no matter what type of range or oven you own!

Cleaning burner pans may seem like a complex or unnecessary task, but getting all of the food and grease residues off of them is imperative if you want your stove to look great. If you do not clean out burner pans, rust could develop over time, and your electric range will be in danger.

It would be best if you also cleaned inside your burners at least once a month because spills that happen between sessions often go unnoticed until they become permanent stains.

Cleaning these areas regularly is an easy way to keep your stove looking brand new, so there are many benefits for everyone, no matter what kind of range or oven you own.

Turn Stove Back On

After your electric stove has been cleaned, it is safe to plug the appliance back in and use it usually. This will help ensure that your stove does not catch fire or start giving off foul odors due to burnt residue left behind by incomplete cleaning.

If you want to be extra cautious, you can put an oven cleaner on the burners while they are turned off for about 30 minutes, which will help remove tough stains.

Be sure to wear oven mitts when doing this, as the stainless steel parts of your stove may become very hot during this period.


When you’re finished cleaning your stove, make sure to replace the burner pans and turn on the electric range. If they fit snugly, it is okay to use them again right away, but if not, adjust until they do, or excess heat may damage your appliance.

Ensure that you dry all of this thoroughly before putting everything back in place, so no rust develops over time. If you want an extra layer of protection against stains from spills between sessions, consider using a stainless steel oven cleaner for about 30 minutes while turned off (make sure to wear oven mitts).

Enjoy keeping your stove looking new and clean with these simple steps!