How to Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

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If you’re looking to invest in your home’s décor, there is no better option than installing quality engineered hardwood floors. They have distinct advantages over their solid wood counterparts which include higher durability and sustainability rates as well!

Why Engineered Hardwood is Best?

Hardwood and laminate flooring are both great options, but engineered wood floors have some advantages of their own.

Unlike solid strips or planks that can bend under the weight on one side due to humidity in a room, these materials will never change shape. Engineered boards resist expansion from moisture exposure so you don’t need protection against things!

When the seasons change, Solid wood planks can suffer from expansion and contraction. It leaves unsightly gaps or cracks along with “cupping” caused by moisture absorption over an extended period.

Top Cleaning Tips For Engineered Hardwood

Avoid Tough Chemicals

When cleaning your wood floors, avoid harsh chemicals like ammonia and any wax-based cleaners. These materials can damage the quality of a floor in just one use!

Do Not Use Mopboards

Mopboards are not safe for most types or environmentally friendly either. So, make sure you know what type is right before purchasing them.

To avoid warping your hardwood planks, be sure to clean with a steamer instead of water. Mop heads can warp flooring if left wet so doesn’t use these types of mops!

When applying any cleaning products, make sure to use a soft brush or cloth instead of rough materials such as steel wool. This will prevent scratches on your surface and provide longer-lasting results for you!

Consistent Sweeping

Grooming your engineered hardwood floors is effortless! To keep dirt and dust from gathering on the surface of these durable surfaces, sweep regularly with a weightless vacuum cleaner.

If you have pets or children in the house be sure that they don’t come into contact with any chemicals. So, use natural fibers for cleaning purposes when possible. It will also help protect their health over time as well which means longevity where we are concerned.

Sweeping is a seasonal job and the best time to do it is if you have access to an outside area or doorstep where your sweeper can deposit its dirty sweepings. You might also want to get creative with non-traditional locations like hallways as well!

The type of flooring affects how often we should vacuum:

For instance,

  1. Rugs require daily attention because they’re so easy for dirt particles beneath them.
  2. Hardwood requires weekly service as in part from all those nooks between each board.

Remember: Engineered hardwood has a different cleaning process than normal hardwood floors


Mop your floors occasionally to keep them looking fresh. The frequency of mopping will depend on the use. But, if it starts getting dull or damaged then make sure that happens sooner rather than later so they can be restored quickly and easily with a simple cleaning!.

Remember, when mopping your hardwood floors, don’t use too much water or let it sit for more than a couple of minutes because this can cause damage. Instead, try and dry off the remaining water after every swipe with the mop handle so that not only does their wood look beautiful but also stays healthy!

Do What Your Floor Asks For

Deep down, your floors are just like you—they want to be clean. And with regular cleaning routines and occasional deep-cleaning products, not only will dirt stay away but so does grime!

Make sure the cleaner is designed specifically for engineered hardwood flooring such as From The Forest’s all-purpose cleaner recipe

The right maintenance plan keeps them looking beautiful day after gorgeous !!!

Tips For Maintaining Your Flooring.

First, be sure to use a clean towel or mop after each cleaning session because damp floors can attract dirt easily!

Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach since they could damage the finish on top of yours; instead, rely upon products that contain natural ingredients such as dish soap and baking soda.

These will keep them looking new while also preventing future stains from forming in those places.

Tips To Keep Them Shiny

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but they need special care to keep them that way. As you can see from the list of “don’t do’s,” not all cleaning products work well with hardwoods. Some will damage or stain your floor over time if used incorrectly!

Be sure never to use harsh chemicals like ammonia – instead find a cleaner made specifically for wood surfaces like furniture polish (which has no alcohol) oil soap-free solutions available at most stores. These types of cleaners won’t dry out the skin as much because there aren’t the same solvents found in nail polish remover which helps reduce chances someone might get burned when touching.

Cleaning your floors is easy with a microfiber fabric. It’s best to avoid using steamers and wet materials because they can percolate between the cracks in wood, which would cause warping and other damage!

Tips To Avoid Scratches

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and luxurious addition to any home, but they do have some disadvantages. One of the most common problems with hardwoods is that over time it becomes easier for dust or dirt particles to scratch your flooring as well as other elements such us water droplets.

The best way to make sure your hardwood floors stay looking good and new is by using a scratch concealer. This will keep any future scratches from being as noticeable, and prevent further damage that can lead down an even worse path of destruction with moisture-related issues like decay or rot!

Avoid Traditional Wax

Waxing might appear like the only answer when you’re trying not just to cover up existing scuff marks but also prevent them altogether in some cases;

However, there are other products out on store shelves today such as furniture polish which actually works better than traditional waxes at maintaining healthy finish quality without attracting dust particles while providing protection against spills.

Final Takeaways

With a little maintenance and effort, you can keep the lavish style that attracted you to these floors in the first place. We offer quality maple walnut hickory oak engineered hardwood flooring along with cleaning products for an easy maintenance routine so your beautiful room stays gorgeous forever!