How To Clean Glass Shower Doors

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You are aware of how tough it is to clean a glass shower door. It may appear that removing soapy residue on your glass shower door is an uphill battle so you must know how to clean glass shower doors properly. Follow these basic shower glass cleaning methods to save up money on deep cleans and keep your shower gleaming clean.

Methods of cleaning

Water with a high calcium content leaves stains. Hard water stains can be easily removed with materials found around the house. You can also utilize several strategies to reduce the number of spots in your shower. You will have to maintain your shower glass doors on a regular basis because you always use the shower on a daily basis. 

To maintain the appearance of the glass and to create and maintain the shiny appearance, perform a thorough cleaning every week and shine the shower glass doors on a regular basis. These are the effective shower glass door cleaning methods:

1. Using white vinegar

Use white vinegar for bathroom cleaning. Vinegar is an affordable and easy-to-find alternative to cleaning solutions. It’s easy to learn how to clean glass shower doors with vinegar. If you have stones in your shower, avoid using vinegar.

Mix liquid dishwashing soap and warm white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spritz the solution on the shower glass door and wipe it clean. First, wet the sponge to test the small area for safety. The soap will cut through oil and the vinegar will help remove particles.

You can also try undiluted vinegar with some droplets of tea tree oil. The vinegar should eliminate the soap. Folklore says tea tree oil is an antibacterial and harmless skin and household therapy.

If you have a shower sliding glass door, vinegar might help clean the tracks. Fill the drainage holes with white vinegar and paper towels. Remove the paper and rinse away the remaining vinegar overnight. Never use vinegar or ammonia in the shower with bleach to avoid toxic gas production.

2. Making baking soda paste

Make a solution by combining equal parts of water and baking soda. Use a half cup of baking soda mixture to clean glass shower doors. If you have a large glass shower door, use more. Using a soft cloth, apply the baking soda paste to your glass shower doors. Rinse it with vinegar first before rinsing it with water. 

3. Using ammonia

Leave the restroom door open when using ammonia to avoid inhaling odors. If you have windows, open them; otherwise, utilize the vent. Wear rubber gloves when working with ammonia. Avoid mixing bleach and ammonia, as this can result in lethal fumes.

how to clean glass shower doors

To clear heavy grime from the glass shower doors, combine 3 parts water with 1 part of ammonia. Scrub the gunk from the glass using a moist brush. Rinse thoroughly and dry the surface.

To create a streak-free shine on your glass shower doors, mix two quarts of distilled water with two tablespoons of ammonia. Use distilled water to avoid hard water stains. Infuse the mixture into the glass and let it settle for five minutes before wiping it clean.

4. Using lemon juice

In a spray bottle, combine the juice of the three lemons with a cup of distilled water. To clean glass shower doors, spritz them with the mixture. Wait for five minutes, then wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. Dry the glass completely with a towel.

Combine lemon and baking soda to clean glass shower doors. Rub the lemon all around the surface to eliminate soap residue. Rinse and dry the surface with purified water. Protect the interior of the glass shower door with a layer of lemon oil.

5. Using borax

You can use borax to clean glass shower doors. Combine borax with enough water to produce a thick paste. Using a moist sponge, clean the area around your glass. After completing this operation, rinse the surface with distilled water and let it dry.

6. Applying magic eraser

The best feature of a magic eraser is its ability to eliminate stains from surfaces without the use of cleaning chemicals. Clean glass shower doors using a moistened magic eraser.

If you know you’ll have to clean glass shower doors in this manner, use them immediately after bathing. The residual heat and moisture from your shower will help in the elimination of soap scum and filth from the Magic Eraser.

Keeping the glass shower doors clean

To maintain your shower, first, learn how to clean glass shower doors during frequent activities. These tasks may be accomplished in a matter of a few seconds after every shower, but weekly cleanings save you a significant amount of time in the long term.

1. Use commercial product

Commercial shower spray is also available. A spray of these products, according to the label, prevents scum formation and water stains. Always read the instructions before using these things, but the majority of them may be used on a daily basis to clean glass shower doors and keep them looking beautiful. They help in the reduction of build-up, completely dry the interior before applying the treatment to the glass.

how to clean glass shower doors

2. Create the mixture

Fill a 32-ounce spray container half-full of rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, dishwashing rinse aid, and a teaspoon of dish soap. Pour distilled water into the container and gently shake. Avoid shaking it harshly because this will produce foam.

You can also combine 2 cups of water, 1/2 cup of white vinegar, just a few drops of dish soap, and 10 to 20 drops of essential oil in a spray bottle. The last ingredient is optional and just provides an aroma if used. Avoid using this daily shower solution if your stall has stone floors or walls.

After your shower, carefully dry the glass. Then spray the dry glass with solution, either of the two. As the shower cleaners dry, it helps reduce scum on the glass and keeps it shining until you clean the entire stall weekly.

3. Waterproof your shower glass doors

Water stains the glass shower doors, so you will need a solution to keep them clean. Waterproofing solutions are used to keep car windshields clean, and they can also protect your glass shower doors. 

Consider this option for a frameless shower to maintain the glass. While it can be used on framed shower glass, keep it away from metal frames, tile, and stone. This product is available in car stores or online. 

4. Leave the door open

The more dampness that has accumulated on your glass shower door, the more likely it is that hard water stains will form. Allowing your bathroom and shower to air out after use is the simplest way to maintain your shower door clean. After you’ve finished showering, keep the glass shower door open for about 20 to 30 minutes while the bathroom vent is running.

5. Dry It Off

Rinse your glass shower doors thoroughly after each use to avoid hard-water stains. This can be done with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are similarly effective, although they may include cleaning chemicals. Clean glass shower doors with a microfiber cloth. They clean and dry your bathroom by reaching around corners and beneath your shower door.

Microfiber cloths are preferable to disposable paper towels or conventional washcloths since they do not scratch or leave fiber residues on surfaces. This microfiber cloth is also great for cleaning window streaks.

Final Thoughts

Glass shower doors are one of those elements in your house that really need maintenance. Clean glass shower doors every after usage to reduce streaks and soap scum buildup.

Regular maintenance should reduce the requirement for deep cleaning to once a month. If you fail to wipe down your shower door every day, aim to clean it once a week to avoid the accumulation of scum.