How to Clean a Nut Milk Bag

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If you are wondering when one should wash a nut milk bag, the answer is before the first use and after every immediate use of the nut milk bag.

A nut milk bag is one of the essential household items, especially if you are a Chef by profession. You need to manage your household items daily, thus to keep your nut milk in good shape, you need to understand how to clean a nut milk bag to practice healthy cooking.

How to Clean a Nut Milk Bag

This article will talk about why you need to clean a nut milk bag first and the process one should follow in cleaning the nut milk bag before use. If you want your recipe to taste the best, it is essential to use clean and fresh utensils while cooking.

Reasons to Keep Your Nut Milk Bag Clean

Keeping the kitchen hygiene aside, there are many more reasons to keep your nut milk bag clean. The reasons are as follows:

Close up of a pile of nut milk bags
  • If your nut milk bag is in the best shape and is cleaned regularly, it will help your recipe last longer and taste better.
  • By cleaning the nut milk bag regularly, the lifespan of the bag ultimately increases 
  • Your nut milk bag plays various roles in the kitchen, thus keeping it clean is a necessity.

If you want your recipe to be free of any external particles, bacteria and want to enjoy the original flavors of the food, never skip the cleaning of your nut bag.

Materials Required

Before moving on to the cleaning process, let us get the ingredients required to keep the cleaning process seamless and easy.

Here is the list of materials required for cleaning your nut milk bag:

  • An unscented mild liquid soap or an unscented soap bar
  • Stainless steel pegs avoid using the plastic ones as they are unhygienic and might destroy the bag. They are no friends of the environment as well.
  • A small laundry bucket or a clean sink

Step 1: Rinsing the Bag Under Running Water

To deep clean the bag, it is essential to start with rinsing the bag under running water, and it will help get rid of any extra dirt from the bag.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Start with turning the nut milk bag inside out; the bag’s seams should be on the outside ready for a good rinse.
  2. Start the tape and make sure the pressure of the water is good and the temperature is warm.
  3. Now bring the bag under the water and make sure the unwanted particles are getting washed away with the pressure of the water.
  4. Now turn the bag back in and rinse the bag from the outside as well. 

Step 2: Soap Up the Bag

Once you are done removing the small dust particles from the bag, it is time to soap up the bag. Here are the steps that you will need to follow:

  1. Take the bag and put some unscented liquid soap on it or rub an unscented soap bar. Gently scrub the bag with your hands to remove the unwanted particles stuck to the fabric.
  2. If you are not up for a hand wash, you can also wash the bag with a mild detergent in the laundry, but do not forget to switch off the drier cycle.

Some people try to wash the nut milk bag on the top compartment of the dishwasher, but we do not recommend it, as the fiber mesh of the bag might catch up with the food particles during the wash.

Three bars of mild soap

Step 3: Soaking And Bleaching to Remove Fragrance

When it comes to kitchen utensils, it is best to keep them fragrance-free, as it will not ruin the fragrance and flavors of the food while cooking.

Hence you need to move forward with the soaking and bleaching to remove fragrance from the nut milk bag. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Start with creating a dilute vinegar mixture in a bowl. Now dip the nut milk bag into the mixture for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Now take another bowl and add less than a teaspoon of oxygen bleach into 2 cups of water.
  3. After 30 minutes, take the bag and dip it into the bleach solution for treating the discoloration and disinfecting the bag.
  4. Soak the bag for a maximum of 4 minutes into the solution.
  5. Now rinse the bag with clean water.

You do not need to use bleach every time you clean the nut milk bag, and it might weaken the weave of the bag.

Step 4: Sanitizing the Bag for Mold and Bacteria Protection

If your bag spends most of the time locked in a closed space, then you cannot afford to miss this step at any cost.

In addition, sanitizing the bag for mold and bacteria protection is necessary to cook healthy food whenever you use the bag next. You can use any of these methods.

  • Add some boiling water into the bowl, put the nut milk bag into the water, and remove it instantly. Boiling the bag might damage the fiber.
  • Now add some salt into hot water and dip the bag for at least 30 minutes into the solution of salty water. Rinse very well after removing the bag from the solution.
  • Now take 6% acidic vinegar, dip the bag for at least 20 minutes, and rinse well with clean water.
  • Once you are done washing the bag with soap, you can use the option of frying the bag under the sun to kill the bacteria.

If you follow any of the extra treatments mentioned above, the lifespan of your nut milk bag will be increased.

Step 5: Rinsing, Drying, and Storage 

Since all the extra treatments are done, now is the time to move forward with the final step, rinsing, drying, and storing the nut milk bag.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Once the soap wash is done, turn your bag inside out again and put it under warm running water. Scrub a little with your hands and wash the bag by turning it back in.
  2. Never use the dryer of the washing machine to dry. The best method is to opt for drying the bag in the sun, but you can also choose the drying rack below the kitchen sink.
  3. Make sure you store your nut milk bag in a cool, dry place or a container that is sterile and breathable.

If your drying and storage part is done right, it will keep the nut milk bag strong and healthy to use for a long time.

A person holding a nut milk bag filled with pistachios

Cleaning the Nut Milk Bag Before the First Use

As mentioned above, it is necessary to clean the nut milk bag before the first use. The process does not involve the steps with a stain treatment. Thus, it is short and simple.

Here are the steps you need to follow for cleaning the nut milk bag before the first use

  • Fill some water in a small bowl, add some unscented liquid soap, or use a soap bar to create soapy water.
  • Now dip the nut milk bag into the soap solution and gently rub the bag with your hands.
  • Now turn the bag inside out and wash the seams thoroughly.
  • Now rinse the bag well with running water and hang the bag outside in the sun to dry.

While choosing soaps and cleaning detergents, always go for mild and organic products.

Frequently Asked Questions

If My Nut Bag Is Stained Is It Still Ok to Use It?

It is absolutely fine to use a stained nut bag for cooking, as the stains are from natural ingredients. For example, turmeric and coffee often result in the discoloration of the nut milk bag; they are like natural dyes and do not cause any severe harm in terms of usage.

How Can I Remove Stains from My Nut Milk Bag?

The process for stain removal is pretty simple: just dip the nut milk bag in a solution of water and your favorite stain removing agent. Go for using organic stain removing agents; if your bag is made of nylon, avoid the use of bleach at any cost.

What Is the Best Material for a Nut Milk Bag?

Nylon is considered to be one of the best materials when it comes to nut milk bags. This is one of the most durable materials in the market and can keep the milk free from harsh chemicals. 


Since you are aware of the cleaning process of a nut milk bag, now your plant milk or juice will last longer. If you do not want to experience any unwanted flavors in your food, make sure you clean your utensils after each use to maintain the kitchen’s hygiene.