How To Clean a Tanning Mitt

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The self-tanning mitt is one of your most trusted companions that help you achieve great skin and retain an elegant glow. The tanning mitt is entirely hand wrought and lasts long if you clean it properly and often. In this article, let’s see how to clean a tanning mitt.  

How To Clean A Tanning Mitt

Cleaning your tanning mitt is crucial, given that it not only prolongs the life of the mitt but also leaves you with a streak-free, smooth tan. Regardless of the quality of tanning mitts, they should be replaced every three months ideally. But some users vouch for its quality even after six months to one year of usage.

Step 1: Materials Required

To clean your tanning mitt, all you require is a bowl, some warm water, and any delicate liquid soap.

Step 2: Give It A Good Wash

  1. Take a bowl of lukewarm water and pour some liquid soap, and mix it well. 
  2. Immerse the mitt in the solution and let it soak for a few minutes. 
  3. Once it has soaked well, gently rub and caress the mitt and wash it directly with regular tap water. 
  4. This would eliminate all the stains from the mitt. Repeat the same step thrice to get better results. 

Beware of using any harsh cleaning solutions, and they are inappropriate for cleaning tanning mitts. 

Step 3: Let It Dry

After the washing session, the mitt needs to be adequately dried, removing all moisture from it. 

  1. While it is damp, you need to twist and squeeze the mitt to remove the excess water. 
  2. Once you remove the excess water, place it in a well-ventilated area. But avoid hanging it or putting it directly under sunlight. 
  3. Let it air dry.

You might place the mitt in a less humid place like your deck, for quick drying or hang it outside to air dry will extend their usability period without causing any damage to your mitt. 

Step 4: Replace The Tanning Mitt

Generally, a tanning mitt can last up to six months and a maximum of up to a year when they are well maintained.  

If you happen to use it more frequently, it is better that you should replace your tanning mitt after every three months of use. 

Here is a video guide to clean a tanning mitt. 

Methods And Tools To Avoid

  1. Strictly avoid using harsh soaps 

Tanning mitts are entirely hand-made, so using a harsh soap or detergent to clean will ruin its quality. 

Therefore, all you need is some delicate detergents or soaps to clean the tanning mitt and remove the tanning solution. 

  1. Keep it away from washing machine 

Tanning mitts should be washed by hands always. You cannot clean it in a washing machine with other garments like your socks, as the garments may end up with stains from the tanning solution. 

  1. Do not dry it using a dryer 

Never use a dryer to dry up your tanning mitt. Using dryers for drying your mitt can shrink and can be potent enough to break it. Always air dry your tanning mitts. 

  1. Reshape after washing 

When it’s still damp, you need to wring out the excess water and try to reshape it as hard as you can. 

Reshaping it reduces the risk of getting deformed. Once the self-tanning mitt gets deformed, there is no other go but to replace it. 

  1. Wash your mitt after every use 

You should never forget to wash your mitt after every use. Cleaning it after every use prevents the stains from setting in. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will My Tan Last?

It is expected that the tan will last approximately nine days. This entirely depends on how often your body sheds its skin cells. To make your tan lasts for a good amount of days, you can moisturize your skin daily and practice showering in lukewarm water. 

Why Do Tannings Mitts Turn Green?

The tanning mitts turn green because they cause a natural reaction. The green is the base in most of the tanning solutions. Therefore, you are assured that it is not mold if you don’t compromise cleaning your mitts after every use. 

When Is It The Best To Use A Tanning Mitt?

You can use your tanning mitt anytime you like. Although, you might want to apply the mitt in the early hours of the day to prevent smudging of your pillows, or waking up with blotches. 

The tanning works the best when it gets sufficient time to develop your skin and does not blotch. But be careful not to inhale the solution as it can be pretty dangerous. 

How To Use Your Self-Tanning Mitt?

To use the self-tanning mitt, all you need to do is apply the product to the mitt and gently glide it along your skin. Or you can apply the product first and then use the mitt to smooth it on your skin. 

Don’t rub the lotion directly on your skin; just glide it in a gentle circular motion. 


The tanning mitt is similar to a glove and is specially designed to protect your hands from getting stained with sunless tanner and helps in applying tanning lotion and creams. These products can last a long time if maintained well. 

Here, you have all the necessary information regarding how to clean your tanning mitts. Make sure you don’t use any harsh cleaning compounds or put them in the washing machine. 

You will get the best results when you hand clean it.