How To Clean Velvet Chairs

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Our private space is a mirror of who we are on the inside. Only few people are willing to embrace the elegance of velvet cloth. However, if the opportunity occurs, placing velvet chairs into your lounge room will radically transform it. If you’ve decided to add some high-end furnishings to your home, you’ll need to know how to clean velvet chairs.

What is velvet?

To effectively clean velvet chairs, you must first understand what a velvet chairs are made of. It was previously constructed of woven silk, which is an expensive fabric. Unlike other fabrics, this one is not flat-woven.

It takes more raw materials and is woven with two different thicknesses. The intricate procedure that gave rise to the fabric’s unique smoothness gave origin to the expression “as soft as velvet.”

Aside from conventional silk velvet, a variety of natural or synthetic materials can be utilized to manufacture velvet. It can also be made from the low-cost alternatives listed below:

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Mohair
  • Viscose
  • Wool

Pure silk velvet is getting increasingly difficult to find these days. Even if you do find genuine velvet, it is expensive to purchase. Viscose, often known as art silk, is now the most popular material for making faux velveteen. Regardless, if you get a velvet sofa of any kind, you must first learn how to maintain it clean.

So, first and foremost, check the label on your velvet sofa to see if it contains any cleaning recommendations.

Natural fiber velvet is much softer than synthetic velvet. Because synthetic velvet is more resilient and less prone to wrinkling, fading, and damage than natural fiber velvet, you may steam clean a faux leather sofa made of synthetic materials at home with ease. If the velvet is made of natural fibers, you need use professional upholstery cleaners to finish the work.

how to clean velvet chairs

How to clean velvet chairs?

It is practically impossible to go through a single day of your life without committing mistakes that you should have avoided. Whatever your situation, whether you have children, pets, or just a dirty family member, it’s only a matter of time before it occurs to you. So be prepared for when the unavoidable arises.

Just like when removing stains from rope hammocks, one of the most important rule to follow is to identify them as soon as possible. If the stains have had enough time to dry and solidify into the velvet cloth, they may be nearly impossible to remove completely. Listed below are the few of our tips on how to clean velvet chairs.

1. Absorb the stain

First and foremost, you should gather up a handful of absorbent cloth or paper towels as soon as a new accident occurs on the couch. Place the paper towel or cloth with care on the surface of the stain. Do not dab or rub it because doing so may cause it to penetrate even deeper into the fabric of your chair. Allow for 5 to 10 minutes for it to absorb as much as possible before using.

2. Make a solution

It’s time to prepare the solution for your velvet chair. You might want to prepare a large basin of water for yourself. To the basin, add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and 100ml of lemon juice. The solution will boil, causing froth and bubbles to appear on the surface. Wet a cloth with the foam portion of the solution and apply it to the stain.

3. Use alternatives

Fill a cup or dish with 50ml of water and a few drops of laundry detergent to make an alternative solution. Stir quickly to make a foam, then clean the velvet chair with only the foamy foam.

4. Wipe the stain

Whatever mixture you use, carefully wipe the stain away with a cleaning towel when it has dried. Continue dabbing until all traces of the stains have been gone.

5. Dry completely

Allow for airdrying of the velvet chair. Once the surface has been dry completely, vacuum it to ensure that it is smooth and that the mark merges in with the rest of the velvet chair. Vacuuming can also be used in cleaning velvet couches.

how to clean velvet chairs


Velvet is a delicate fabric, yet when properly cared for, it may last for years and years. In order to properly care for velvet chairs, it’s important to understand how to clean velvet furniture. In comparison to other fabrics, velvet has a distinct charm that distinguishes it from the rest. As time passes, it just becomes better, which is the reason why velvet chairs are so popular now.

It is really easy to keep velvet chairs looking great. The best way to go about it is to incorporate the care methods into your regular daily routine. We propose adding a few simple tasks to your weekly cleaning list, such as sweeping and dusting to keep things simple.

1. Place upholstery cover

When you’re vacuuming the carpet or the floor in your living room, remove the attachment fitting and replace it with a fabric or upholstery cover immediately away to get rid of any dust, particles, fluff, and other debris that has accumulated on your velvet chair.

2. Use velvet brush

Get a velvet brush for your chair to keep it looking its best. Brushing should begin when you have determined the direction in which the velvet fibers are weaved. That’s the direction in which you should be brushing your chair.

3. Use upholstery steam cleaner

It’s possible that when performing one of the duties listed above, you’ll notice creases, odd lines, or even old stains that you had previously overlooked. You should use an upholstery steam cleaner at this point.

If you’re not sure what kind of fibers made up your velvet chair, or whether it’s made of natural materials that shouldn’t be damaged by a dry cleaning technique, you should seek professional assistance. A dry cleaning procedure will be used to clean your couch, which will not damage it in any way.

Final Thoughts

Velvet is typically seen as being picky, high-maintenance, and only available to the most exceedingly clean and pure of society’s upper classes. Despite the fact that velvet appears to be indisputably gorgeous, it is not any more difficult to clean or preserve than other materials or textiles of similar appearance. After reading this guide on how to clean velvet chairs, you’ll be able to recapture the sensations of being a queen with your velvet furnishings!