How to Clean Azek Decking

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Azek decking is quickly becoming a favorite of most homeowners due to its durability, ease of cleaning, and beauty. In this guide, we show you a step by step process on how to clean your Azek decking. 

How to Clean Azek Decking

To clean your Azek decking, you need to use only recommended cleaning products. Once you get the ideal cleaner and tools, you can either do spot or full surface cleaning. Whatever you decide, you should use the recommended methods and the process to guarantee your deck’s long life and beauty.

Wooden deck

Spot Cleaning Azek Decking

When spot cleaning, you just need to clean elected spots. This is effortless and consumes less time. Below is a simple step by step guide on how you can do spot cleaning on your Azek deck

Tools Needed

Before you begin the spot cleaning process, you should be ready with the following items

  • A bucket of water. The quantity will depend on the number of spots or how big your deck is
  • Stiff natural fiber brush with handle
  • Appropriate recommended all-purpose cleanser 

Step 1: Mix Cleanser with Water

Mix the cleanser with water in a bucket at a proximate ration of 50:50. Water-log the dirty spots with the diluted cleaner and allow it to settle on the surface for about 30 seconds to one minute. If you leave it for longer, the cleanser could evaporate before you begin scrubbing.

Step 2: Scrub the Spots

With your natural stiff fiber brush, scrub the selected spots using downward pressure. The scrubbing process should be in two phases; first scrubbing along the grain then against the grain.

This way, you can work the cleanser down into the decking surface texture.

Step 3: Rinse the Surface

Rinse the scrubbed surface thoroughly before the dirt residue dries on the surface texture. Use a soft towel or sponge to dry the stagnant water for significant results. Allow your deck to air dry before you use it.

Full Surface Cleaning Azek Decking

You may have to do a complete surface cleaning on your Azek deck for two reasons; either you just planned to clean the whole deck, or after spot cleaning, the treated places appear cleaner than other surfaces.

The following steps will guide you whenever you need to do a full surface cleaning on your deck.

Tools Needed

  • Two of gallons of water
  • Stiff natural fiber brush with handle
  • Appropriate recommended all-purpose cleanser 
Water spout placed in a deck

Step 1: Dilute the Cleanser  

Dilute your cleanser (we picked quart [32 oz] for this guide) in two gallons of water.

Step 2: Scrub the Surface

Dip your stiff bristle brush in the diluted cleanser and scrub the surface using downward pressure. Just like in spot cleaning, first scrub in the grain directions and then against the grain direction.

Step 3: Rinse Thoroughly 

When scrubbing, the cleanser will leave suds behind. Rinse the surface of the scrubbed area thoroughly before it dries up. You need to rinse more often if your deck faces direct sunlight. Give your deck time to dry after rinsing to see if you missed any spots.

Here are some key points to note when doing a full surface cleaning on your Azek decking: 

  • Do it in bits, preferably five or four boards at a time before moving to the next area.
  • Only apply the diluted cleanser on the places that you are scrubbing. 
  • Ensure that you thoroughly rinse the small washed area before you systematically move to the next dirty area.

Is It Safe to Wash My Azek Decking with Pressure Wash?

While we don’t recommend that you make it a habit, you can occasionally use a pressure wash to clean your decking. If you do, always check and regulate the settings. You can scrub the deck with the recommended brush and then rinse off with a hose or power washer. 

How To Use A Power Washer On Your Azek Decking

Always keep the pressure at 3000psi for gas power pressure with a 25-degree fan tip. Hold the wand of your power washer at about 30 degrees angle to the surface when rinsing. Ensure that you spray in the direction of the grain or plank. 

For the best results, ensure that the spray patterns from your power washer cover a single deck board per pass. Take caution when using a power washer because if not used properly, it could damage your Azek decking. Also, be careful not to injure yourself in the process.

Wet deck

Recommended Cleaning Tools for Azek Decking

For the best results after cleaning, you need to use specific tools on your Azek decking. If you need the deck to be as clean as new, you will need the following tools.


The best brush to use in cleaning your Azek deck should have natural fiber bristles and a pole or broom extension, which you can buy separately. We love the  Quickie Professional Stiff Natural Fiber Deck Scrub and Blue Hawk Deck Scrub Brush.


An all-purpose cleaner will be good for your Azek deck. The best quantity is 32oz. This should clean a deck surface measuring 150 Square feet. You can get the recommended cleanser from the nearest hardware store or online store.

Always dilute your cleanser to 50% strength regardless of the type of your cleanser. Never use full strength cleaners. If you love the DIY way, feel free to make your own deck cleaner

Factors to Consider When Cleaning Your Azek Decking 

Taking care of your Azek decking should be your number one priority. With proper care, your deck will preserve its beauty and also last longer. Below is a list of some dos and don’ts that you need to adhere to when cleaning Azek decking.

  • Always read the cleaning product manufacturers’ specific information before using any product on your AZEK Deck/Porch and follow their instructions. It is also a good idea to test the cleaner on a scrap piece or inconspicuous area of your deck to ensure it is harmless to the surfaces.
  • Make it a habit to wash your Azek decking periodically to remove grease, dirt, and debris. Regular cleaning will help you maintain the beauty of your deck. It will also help you do a routine check to identify any damages.  
  • The walking surface on your Azek deck may become slippery when wet or during winter. Always be cautious when walking on your deck under such circumstances. You can use a soft towel or sponge to wipe off the sticky areas.
  • While can use calcium-containing products to remove ice from your Azek, such products will always leave some white residues, which might not give the best impression of your deck. You can use the above cleaning processes to clean off such deposition.  
  •  Try to clean your Azek decking early in the morning or late in the evening when the deck surface is cold and calm. When you do it during these hours, you minimize the speed at which the cleaners dry and evaporate during scrubbing.
Clean azek decking

6 Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Azek Decking

  1. Avoid abrasive deck cleaners and products with Chemicals such as sunblock and insect repellent. Such products contain chemicals that may alter the surface of your Azel deck boards. Again, read the product labels, and consult with manufacturers on the compatibility of such products with Azek materials and boards.
  2. Avoid composite decking cleaners such as Corte Clean, Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner, or other cleaners classified as composite deck cleaners, either in powder or liquid form. Such products are for use in wood plastic composite materials, not in capped polymer like Azek decking. 
  3.  Avoid using non-porous items such as rubber-backed doormats, tarps, pool toys, and other non-porous items left on the deck for long periods. Such items can transfer excessive heat to your Azek deck and, as a result, cause discoloration of the surface.
  4. Avoid using PVC glue or similar items on the surface of your Azek decking. Such products may discolor and, to some extent, permanently damage your deck.
  5. Do not keep metal shovels or plastic shovels with a metal leading edge on your deck. It may damage the surface of the Azek deck. Also, never use such items to clear snow and ice from the deck surface. Best to store these items on concrete floors.
  6. Do not let children and pets into the deck when the deck is still wet. Due to their playful nature, they could pick serious injuries. Also, do not leave them unattended in the deck as they could scratch and damage the surface of your deck. 

Will My Azek Deck Get Mold and Mildew?

Well, like any outdoor surface, your Azek deck will get grout and mold on it only under specific environmental conditions. However, because the Azek deck is strong and resistant, mold and mildew will only occur on the surface and will not get inside the decking board. 

You can remove these surface mold and mildew using the methods discussed above. Ensure the surface dries completely and repeat the cleaning process if necessary until your deck is perfectly clean.


According to research done by the Freedonia Group, the demand for decking in the US will increase by 1.3% yearly to reach 3.6 billion lineal feet by 2023. If you have already jumped aboard the Azek decking bandwagon, learning how to properly clean it is the first step towards ensuring its longevity.

We hope that this guide will help keep your Azek decking not only clean but also glamorous and durable.