How to Clean Bird Poop off Concrete

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While we can enjoy the sounds of birds tweeting in the morning and throughout the day, the joy disappears when we go out and our sidewalk or driveway is covered in droppings. 

Bird poop is a part of nature, and normally you wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t directly on your driveway! You are probably wondering how to clean bird poop off the concrete at this sight. 

It’s relatively simple to clean bird poop off the concrete. 

We will walk you through a couple of methods here, and your concrete will be completely poop-free when you’re done! What a relief. The methods will be directly related to how major the stains are on your concrete.

How to Clean Minor Bird Poop off Concrete

Do you have just a few bird droppings on your concrete? This method should work well for you! For a minor area or a couple of separate droppings, you can follow this method. 

For an area that is a bit more covered with bird poop, look at the moderate or major method. 

There’s a difference in how we rinse these messes—we do this for an environmental reason, which we will explain in the moderate method. 



To clean your minor bird poop, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Hose
  • Dish soap
  • Brush to scrub


If the bird poop is relatively new, it’s much easier to clean off. That’s why it’s better to take care of this problem sooner than later! To clean off your bird poop, follow the steps below:

  1. Hose the area down
    1. 1 It can help to put your thumb over the water to create a more concentrated spray
  2. Pour some dish soap on the remaining stain
  3. Use your brush (preferably a natural-bristle brush) to scrub at the bird poop and get those dish bubbles going and get the bird poop off the concrete
  4. Rinse with your hose

If you don’t want to rinse the bird poop into the yard, you can also wipe up with paper towels or a rag. And there you are! A clean concrete surface once again. 

Stain Removal

Did the method work to actually remove the bird poop, but didn’t quite get up all the stains it left behind? We have a solution for that, too. You will need:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide or a concrete cleaner
  • Hose
  • Brush to scrub

To remove those hard set stains, follow these steps:

  1. Pour hydrogen peroxide or your concrete cleaner on the stains
  2. Scrub the material in over the stain
  3. Let sit for as long as needed (this can be a couple minutes or longer)
  4. Rinse off with hose

Your concrete should look great after this stain removal process.  

How to Clean Moderate Bird Poop off Concrete

If you’re getting into some moderate bird poop stains, dish soap and scrubbing may not do the job. When you are cleaning a moderate or above stain, it can become a good idea to wear a mask.

Water coming out of a spray hose

According to the Chicago Tribune, you can actually get flu symptoms from breathing in the particles of bird poop!  Whenever you are looking at a moderate bird poop stain, you should plan for a little more muscle and materials. 


To clean a moderate bird poop mess, you will want to have these materials on hand:

  • Hose with spray attachment OR light power-washer
  • Dish soap OR a concrete cleaner 
  • Large scrub brush or push brush
  • Optional: Sawdust
  • Optional: Broom and dustpan

We definitely stepped up the materials here. If you don’t want to buy a specific concrete cleaner, you can also use an all-purpose cleaner, such as Simple Green, which will work on many surfaces. This way, you aren’t making a purchase for just this project.


The method here is similar to the minor cleaning, but stepped up a notch. Follow these instructions to clean a moderate level bird poop mess from your concrete:

  1. Use your power washer or hose attachment to get rid of as many loose particles as possible
  2. Pour your dish soap or cleaner over the bird poop area
  3. Using your scrub brush or push brush, scrub the area
  4. If you are cleaning a large area, use sawdust to sprinkle over the area
  5. Let the sawdust absorb the mess
  6. Using your broom and dustpan, sweep up the area and dispose
  7. Repeat as needed

If you aren’t worried about the bird poop particles going into your yard, you can simply rinse and repeat as needed. 

If you catch the bird poop before it’s completely baked in the sun, this method should prevent staining. Also, if you are using that heavier duty cleaner, that will help remove the stains.

How to Clean Major Bird Poop off Concrete

Okay, so you’ve got a major mess on your hands. The birds have really picked your driveway, your Azek decking, or sidewalk for their business and you need to clean it as soon as possible. For this method, you need to make sure to wear a protective mask—and you might also consider wearing gloves as well. 

We can definitely get that mess off your concrete—it will take a bit more work and materials, but we will go over that now.

Cleaning the bird poop off concrete with a broom


For major stains, we will need more materials. You’ll want to have the following on hand:

  • Hose with spray attachment OR power-washer
  • Concrete cleaner or all-purpose cleaner
  • Large push brush
  • Muriatic Acid
  • Sawdust
  • Broom and dustpan

For those bigger areas of bird poop, you don’t want to simply rinse it off into your yard. That will leave the disease and potentially kill your grass. 


To clean major stains, follow these steps:

  1. Using your power washer or spray attachment, rinse the area well
    1. 1 Make sure all of the bird poop is damp at least with  your rinse
  2. Use your large push brush to scrub vigorously and get as much off as you can
  3. Use your broom and dustpan to collect what you can and throw that away
  4. Rinse and repeat as needed

If this does not clean off all the mess, you will want to look into using a more specialized cleaner—either concrete cleaner or muriatic acid. 

If using muriatic acid, you will need to dilute it. It works pretty well for cleaning plastic gas tanks. Never pour water into acid. You will want a water, muriatic acid ratio of 4:1. Prepare your water and pour in the right amount of acid. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Apply the solution on the leftover stains
  2. Wait for the stains to lift
  3. Rinse off immediately

Failure to rinse the muriatic acid immediately can result in your concrete being ruined—keep this in mind as you are using muriatic acid. A concrete cleaner will be able to lift stains effectively as well, but it comes with a bit higher price tag as it’s such a specialized product. 

How to Clean Bird Poop Off Concrete: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Bird Poop White? 

After you clean up all that bird poop, you may be wondering why the bird poop is white. Fun fact: Birds have only one exit for urine and poop

Because of this, they convert their wastes into something different than most mammals do, and their pee becomes the white, sticky part of the bird poop. The dark part of the bird poop (which can stain concrete) is actually the poop. Weird, right? 

Bird pooping in a concrete

Why Do I Need to Clean Bird Poop off Concrete?

Are you wondering why you should even worry about cleaning off bird poop from concrete? Birds and their poop can contain up to 60 diseases. If that isn’t enough to convince you, we’ll continue on with some reasons. 


Birds have a diet of berries and other colorful foods. Their poop is a direct product of what they eat. Therefore, if it lands on a lighter-colored concrete and is left there for a long time, it can definitely stain the concrete. 

The sooner you clean up those unsightly stains, the less likely it is to stain your concrete. That means a little cleaning now can prevent a lot of cleaning later. 


We covered how birds and their poop can contain up to 60 diseases. It’s true that bird poop isn’t specifically dangerous on its own. However, poop that is left for a long time in a large quantity can grow bacteria and fungi

If you just have a dropping or two on your driveway, you probably don’t need to be majorly concerned. However, if a flock of birds left a major amount behind, you may need to follow the above methods and make sure that the bird poop is cleaned off in full. 


Are you going for the yard of the year award? You may not get it with a pile of poop on your driveway. If you aren’t worried about that as much, you could probably leave a couple of droppings to be naturally removed by weathering. It is your yard, after all, so it’s your ultimate decision. 


When a flock of birds decide to use your driveway as their bathroom, it can be frustrating. Luckily, it’s relatively simple to clean up—especially if you get the mess quickly before it has set in. You just need a few materials and a little scrubbing to get your concrete looking as good as it did before! 

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