How to Clean a Clear Phone Case That Turned Yellow

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Do you want to learn how to clean a clear phone case that turned yellow? It might be disheartening to see your once-perfect phone case gradually lose its appearance. The good news is, you can get your case back to its original glamor. We are going to show you how to do exactly that. 

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case That Turned Yellow

There are several ways to take your clear phone case back to its former glory. The yellowing of a clear phone case is usually due to degradation and dirt. You can remove this color with a number of products which include: dish soap, alcohol, baking soda, among other items. 

Though it is naturally meant to happen with time, you can prevent it by trying out any of the methods we reveal in this guide. Eventually, all you try might not seem to work. When you get to that point, we advise you to get a new phone case.

Clear phone case that turned yellow in need of cleaning

Here are a few tricks you can try to save the situation:

Baking Soda

It is unlikely to run out of ways you can use baking soda to your advantage. Also known as bicarbonate, this white powdered kitchen item can be what you need. It’s used to brighten white fabrics and for cleaning different materials such as billiard balls, hence worth a try. For it to work, you have to adhere to the procedure below.

Steps for using baking soda:

  1. Sprinkle a little amount of the baking soda directly on your phone case
  2. Brush stains using a wet toothbrush
  3. Rinse off the baking soda
  4. Dry your phone’s case with a soft cloth

Dish Soap

Did you know you can use your dish for more than just dishes? Surprisingly you can use it to turn your case back to its original glow. The chemicals used to make dishwashing soaps or tablets make them great stain removers.

Steps for using dish soap:

  1. Mix some drops of dish soap with 240ml of warm water
  2. Scrub the solution over the phone case using a toothbrush
  3. Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the case
  4. Rinse it well
  5. Dry with a soft cloth

Rubbing Alcohol

According to a new study, mobile phones are seven times dirtier than toilet seats. It’s even worse when the phone has a case. As a result, you need to disinfect your phone case regularly. Alcohol is not only a great disinfectant but can also help prevent the yellowing. It also dries up pretty quickly.

Steps for using rubbing alcohol:

  1. Coat your phone case with rubbing alcohol. Do this by using a soft cloth or a spray bottle.
  2. Wipe away the alcohol with a clean, dry cloth
  3. Air-dry it for an hour


Like we do with our dirty clothes, you can use detergent to get a brighter phone case and clean items such as clear stamps. Apart from degradation, dirt is the first cause of your phone case turning yellow. Therefore, it makes sense to try this method.

Liquid Oxiclean is a popular laundry detergent people use. Be careful though if you choose the same. Protect yourself and your workspace. Oxiclean is corrosive because it is concentrated.

Steps for using detergent:

Scoop of detergent
  1. Fill a container with some water and add your laundry detergent of choice
  2. Soak your phone case in the soapy water
  3. Scrub it using a soft brush until stains disappear
  4. Let it dry, either through air drying or do it manually with a piece of neat clothing

Nail Polish Remover

If you are a lady, chances are you have this already. Even if you don’t, or for the case of men, you can get one from the nearest general store. Nail polish remover works on the same basis as paint thinners. Adding to the fact that it’s cheaper, makes it a commendable choice to try out.

It has a strong smell though, in case it irritates you, try wearing a mask. Alternatively, do it outside or in a well-ventilated space.

Steps for using nail polish remover:

  1. Pour a few drops of the nail polish remover on a piece of cotton wool
  2. Rub your phone case with the moist cotton wool
  3. Repeat the two steps until the whole phone case is clean


Popular toothpaste brands boast of the fact that their product can make teeth whiter and stronger. For now, forget the latter, and let’s focus on the first attribute. Just like it does to teeth, toothpaste can lighten your phone case.

Over and again, it proves to be very efficient in removing tea stains and coffee stains on a phone case, it can even be used on soles and snorkel masks. Additionally, it might aid in getting rid of subtle marks or scratches on the surface of your smartphone.

Steps for using toothpaste:

  1. Apply a little amount of toothpaste onto your phone case
  2. Rub continuously for some minutes to get rid of stains. Use a cleaning cloth.
  3. Give it a few minutes then put it back on your phone


Bleach remains the unbeatable stain remover. It might be just what your phone case needs to bring back the magic. As it lightens whites, it will do a commendable job, especially on silica gel phone cases. A key point to note is that bleach is corrosive and an irritant.

In this method, you need to be extra careful. Consider having personal protective equipment. On top of that, do it in the open or an adequately ventilated room.

Steps for using bleach:

Person spraying bleach cleaner
  1. Dilute your bleach as per the manufacturer’s instructions on the bottle
  2. Soak the phone case for some minutes
  3. Brush it in the diluted bleach with a toothbrush
  4. Rinse to lessen the smell
  5. Dry with a cloth

Paint Thinner

You can try using paint thinners to do the trick. This method is sort of a 2.0 of the toothpaste one we’ve talked about. Generally, we use paint thinners to dissolve paint hence suitable for its removal on surfaces as well, this is pretty useful for cleaning paint spray guns as well.

Steps for using paint thinner:

  1. Cover the whole case with toothpaste
  2. Scrub it using a steel wool
  3. Rinse off the toothpaste
  4. Coat the phone case with a paint thinner
  5. Work at it with the steel wool for a second time
  6. Remove the thinner with water
  7. Let it dry for a short while

For a thorough clean case, repeat cleaning with soapy water as a wrap.

Hydrogen Peroxide

How about putting a classic combination of hydrogen peroxide and UV to the test? Don’t worry about where to get the chemical. If you can’t find it, go for an H2O2-based cream. Also, get a light source that can emit UV. You can use a UV nail dryer too.

Steps for using hydrogen peroxide:

  1. Coat your phone case with the cream
  2. Put it under a UV light source
  3. Wipe the cream off

This method can give you the boost you need to turn your phone case back to new.

Uncommon Hacks You Can Use To Clean Your Phone Case

Not every method you can use is so conventional. In some cases, you can try other hacks which very few people would ever think of. Remember, the aim is to get rid of that annoying yellow, so whatever works to get the job done. Let’s look at some examples:

Person holding a new clear case for iPhone11


Yes, you can erase some of those stains off. For a phone case with matte finishing, consider this a viable option. Alternatively, the method should also work on a silicone phone case with a smooth texture. Simply, erase stains and marks from your phone case as you would a book.


Sunrays tend to whitening anything exposed to it. While we have no ideal reason why that happens, what we are certain of is it’s workable for a phone case. Place it out and let it bask in the sun. To avoid uneven lightening, keep changing positions as the sun shifts from East to West.


Ever think of scrapping off the top layer of your yellowed case? It is possible thanks to sandpaper. We recommend it for clear plastic phone cases. Although it will most probably not give you a seamless clean, your case will be a few shades brighter.

Sand your phone case then wipe it with a damp cleaning cloth. Once done, it will be good to go.

Get a New Phone Case

If you try all these and nothing works, it might be about time to get a new one. For an upgrade, give preference to non-yellowing phone cases when buying. To give it a longer life span, consider cleaning and disinfecting it regularly to prevent degradation.

The privilege you get by doing so is you prevent debris and dirt from setting in. Consequently, you will only deal with light stains which will come off easily most of the time. In addition to doing it frequently, do it accurately. Avoid preventable mistakes like using wet or semi-dry phone cases.

 On the other hand, a clean and bacteria-free phone case is beneficial to your health too. On average, we spend three hours 15 minutes on our mobile phones every day. To put this into perspective, for a 6-inch screen dirty phone, you directly interact with over 200,000 germs.

Scary, right? Ultimately, aim to clean your phone case as frequently as you can and it will serve you back. Once it has served its due time, get a new one to maintain your phone in mint condition.


Worry no more about how to clean a clear phone case that turned yellow. You have numerous options to choose from now. Try out a couple of them until you find the one that works for you. Give back your phone the sleek look it had, there is no excuse.