How To Clean Snorkel Gear

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Snorkeling is the practice or activity that allows you to go underwater and explore the beauty of the sea. Scuba divers, who dive into the deep water bodies, prefer using ideal snorkel gear for the purpose. A snorkeling gear consists of 3 major components: a snorkel mask, a breathing tube, and snorkeling fins.

The components’ names describe their functionalities and are the most crucial essentials for professionals or rookies to go snorkeling. Now, let’s check out the cleaning methods of snorkel gear.

How To Clean Snorkel Gear

The use of Snorkeling gear might seem very simple, but the cleaning process is complex and important. You cannot ignore the cleaning aspects, as it will deteriorate the efficiency or functionality of the gear, which in turn will trouble the diver underwater. Therefore, it is essential for you to learn how to clean snorkel gear to ensure that you do not invite adverse health effects. 

Person snorkeling under water

In addition to that, unclean snorkel gear will also ruin your underwater experience. So, follow this guide to learn the cleaning approach for snorkel gear.

Method 1: Cleaning The Snorkel Mask With Toothpaste

While you pick a snorkel mask, the crucial advice is to opt for glass masks for diving. The plastic ones are cheaper and easily available as well. But they are more prone to scratches that will compromise the visibility in the long run. Not just that, but even the small scratches will result in damaging the snorkel mask permanently. 

You really should clean the snorkel mask before and after each time your snorkel. As annoying as that is, it really will extend the life of your gear. The good news is that you’ll get a shiny new mask each and every time, so you won’t have to worry about it fogging up the next time you’re out.

But this coating is somehow responsible for fogging your view when you are under the water. The view will turn out to be hazy, and your experience will become unpleasant. 

Toothpaste is used for cleaning various items such as cymbals. Therefore, you need to seek cleaning of the glass snorkel mask with the use of toothpaste. Steps To carry Out This Method.

  1. Take a little toothpaste on your finger. I prefer to use normal toothpaste and avoid using gel-based ones. 
  2. Rinse off the paste from the glass surface by putting the mask under running water. A little pressure is enough to wash the paste from the entire surface of the mask, including the corners. 
  3. Now, you need to dry out the mask with the use of a soft towel. 
  4. Get an anti-fog solution from the online or offline stores that sell snorkeling gear components. Apply this solution over the mask to make it ready for use underwater. 

Remember that this process is important for you to carry out whenever you go snorkeling. If you intend to know more about defogging of the snorkel mask, then you can check out this article for the same

You can consider replacing the toothpaste with its alternatives, like dish-washing detergent & water/bleach or shampoo & water. Rest all the steps will be the same for cleaning off the snorkel mask. Also, after you finish your snorkeling activity, you need to clean the mask again. Rinse the mask under clean and normal running water to wash out all debris.

This is a complete video on how you can clean your snorkel mask. So, take some time out and watch this video demonstration for a better understanding of the same.

Complete snorkel gear laid out in the beach rocks

Method 2: Cleaning Snorkel Mouthpiece With Dishwashing Detergent

The snorkel mouthpiece is also an important part of the complete mask gear. It is the breathing tube that is mandatory for you to clean over time. The steps that you should follow to clean the breathing tube or snorkel mouthpiece are:

  1. You will need a large bucket or utensil for cleaning the breathing tube. 
  2. Now, fill the bucket or utensil with a mixture solution of dish detergent and water. 
  3. Dip the breathing tube in that solution, and let it settle down for around 5 minutes. 
  4. Now, take out the breathing tube and rinse it in clean water properly to remove the detergent solution remnants. 

The mouthpiece and the breathing tube are part of a snorkel mask that can be cleaned with any less-alkaline soap solution. Once you are done cleaning, you need to use a sponge or soft towel to wipe the mask. You must clean your breathing tube and mouthpiece after every snorkeling activity. 

Method 3: Cleaning The Snorkel Fins With Soap

Snorkel Fins are yet another crucial gear among all the others. Snorkel gear gives you momentum while you are underwater. To know more about the purpose of snorkel fins, you can go through this article!

But, along with understanding the importance of snorkel fin, it is also critical for you to prioritize its cleaning. The steps for carrying out the cleaning method for snorkel fins include:

  1. You will need a large bucket or utensil for cleaning these fins. 
  2. Fill the utensil with a less-alkaline soap solution. 
  3. Wipe all the dirt and sand off the fins by using your hands. Dust them off with any soft duster, but do not prefer to use a brush or scrubbing tool, as it might damage the fins. Minor scratches can result in damaging the fins in no time. 
  4. Let the fins settle in the soap solution for some time.
  5. Now, take them out and rinse them off under clean running water. Clean all the edges to remove the solution remnants. 
  6. Use a dry sponge or soft towel for drying the fins, and store them until the next snorkeling activity. 

Method 4: Cleaning Mold From The Snorkel Gear

Mold is yet another big problem for the snorkel gear components. In fact, mold affects their efficiency and longevity. The fungal growth or mold growth over the snorkel fins, tube or mask, will adversely affect your underwater experience and hamper your health.

Therefore, it is essential for individuals to treat the snorkel gear and keep it free from mold and fungal growth. 

One of the best cleaning techniques to eradicate mold and fungus from the snorkeling gear components is bleaching. Here are the uniform steps that you can follow for any of the snorkeling components:

Diving fins and mouth piece
  1. Put the fins, breathing tube, or mask (whichever is affected by mold) into the bucket.
  2. The bucket should have a bleaching solution. (Equal amount of bleach & water)
  3. Let the gear settle down for around 5 minutes within that solution. 
  4. The utensil should be large enough to cover the complete gear component. Not even a small part should be left unclean, as it might affect the apparatus and diver’s health. 
  5. You need to rub the moldy area gently with the use of fingers to clean it thoroughly. Keep in mind to cut your fingernails before this process, as you might scratch or damage the components.
  6. Take out the snorkel gear components, and rinse them off in running tap water. Rinse all the corners and nooks to wash away the bleaching components. 
  7. Use a soft towel or a dry sponge to dry the snorkel gear properly before you can store it! 

Frequently Asked Question 

What Should I Consider While Buying Snorkel Gear?

Snorkel gear will help you with all the water activities. Snorkeling is itself an underwater activity that demands the use of masks, tubes, and fins on priority. But, you need to choose the right quality products to ensure their longevity.

Also, you will need to consider the time of the year when you decide to go snorkeling because in winter months or at low-temperature conditions, you will need wet suits along with other gears. To know more about what you should consider while buying snorkel gear, explore this article!

How Can I Properly Store The Snorkel Gear?

You need to store the equipment properly when not in frequent use, especially the mask. Ensure that you let the snorkel gears dry out properly after you are done with the cleaning process. Also, you need to treat the gear with utmost care and ensure that the fins, tubes, and masks are not together within a bag.

It might give rise to scratches. It is better to store them in different mesh bags and place them in dry, dark, and cool places. This, in turn, will prevent the snorkel gear from damaging due to moisture and exposure to the sun. 


Now that you are aware of the methods and steps of cleaning your snorkel gear, you can ensure its longevity and durability. It is a must for you to keep the gear and its components clean. You do not want your health to face adversity while you are excited about exploring underwater beauties.

Hence, in conclusion, you must know that cleaning snorkel gear ensures quality & safety within the sport. Clean out the equipment or components, both before and after snorkeling.