How To Clean Silicone Bongs

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Are you trying to learn how to clean silicone bongs? There are many different types and styles for bongs, but how do you make sure they stay clean? Well, luckily for all these smokers out there, we’ve got some great information on cleaning your favorite smoking implement: silicone!

Suppose an old-school glass pipe isn’t doing anything anymore, don’t worry because you can restore everything in record time.

Thanks so much for our handy dandy guide, which will teach even total beginners like me exactly what needs attention at each stage.

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How To Clean Silicone Bongs

Can I Use A Dishwasher To Clean A Bong?

So, do you want to know the answer? Of course! We’ve seen stoners asking, “is silicone dishwasher safe.” Not only is it completely washable and reusable, but your smoking gear can go into an entire cycle without any issues regularly for years at a time – not just once when they’re first bought or used by somebody else.

Silicone bongs are one piece of hardware that will never need replacing. Even if something happened during use (damaged), there’s always more available from different sellers online who sell high-quality versions made out of similar materials like these.

The first thing you need for this method is some cleaner. You can use a cigarette lighter or gas cap from your car as an alternative. It’s probably better because they’re going into the same hole in their marijuana joint, so if there were any residue on those tools before using them, then now would be even easier to clean than ever! Gather all ingredients together.

Can I Use Alcohol To Clean A Bong?

The easiest way to clean your weed pipe is by using alcohol, this is also widely used for cleaning one-hitters. Alcohol works well for silicone bongs and glass pipes. Still, you should also use a cleaner-like dishwashing liquid if necessary because it will eliminate any residue that could clog up its flow work or other parts inside the joint itself (and make things worse).

To do this: Take apart whatever type of smoking implement it might be, but all components into an appropriate container.

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To get the most out of your bong, let it sit with alcohol for at least an hour. After that time has passed, rinse all parts thoroughly in water to remove any residue and leave upside down so air can flow through its air diffusely, drying quickly. Rinsing is important because otherwise, you might end up coating anything else nearby!


If you’re looking for an easy way to clean your silicone bong, look no further than freezing it! Place the dirty pipe in a plastic zip-lock bag and then stick it into the freezer. Once frozen solid, run warm water over each tube until they free themselves from their container.

This will allow all of that built-up gunk inside both tubes and any trapped moisture outside to get good ‘n’ gooey before being spit out via one end onto paper towels below.

The only downside to this method is that it won’t be very effective in getting rid of the smell. However, you can use these same techniques on silicone products, and they’ll come out sparkling clean!

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There’s no need to worry about cleaning your bong when you’re done using it because all that alcohol does make sure any leftover residue on the inside of them can’t harden into the resin. All we have left then are our dirty bowls, but don’t stress!

Fill up with water and vinegar (or even better: peaked sugar) before placing another layer over the top; this will scrub away at what Littleton has caked on while also getting rid of pesky bugs which might be living. They’re too– nice job, tasty treat!

Tips for How to Clean A Silicone Bongs

There are a few different methods for getting that stuck weed out of your pipe, and they all seem to work pretty well.

You can try boiling vinegar or water if you want an easy method- make sure not to set it too high to avoid burning yourself!

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There’s also Orange Chronic Bong Cleaner which seems like it would do the trick nicely without risking any burns either way while being super effective at freeing up whatever may be blocking flow in one specific area.

If you have a silicone pipe with glass bowls, be sure to research how to clean resin out of the material. There are different methods for cleaning these pipes than what is used on other materials like metal or plastic, and it can vary depending upon which type your specific model uses!

After cleaning with alcohol, vinegar, or weed pipe cleaners, be sure to rinse thoroughly. You don’t want the hit taste of these chemicals in your mouth, and you’ll probably ruin any cannabis that’s left if it smells like they’ve been used all day long! Once everything is dry, the layout slowly, letting the water evaporate entirely.

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What Is The Best Way To Clean A Silicone Pipe?

A good way to clean out dirt from inside your weed whackers without having too much trouble maintaining their original shape would probably involve running water through said instrument until all grime has been removed. Next, take an old paper towel soaked into vodka before giving everything one final rinse under cool running waters, after which I’ll often let dry overnight.

Cleaning your pipe is a tedious task, but it’s worth the effort. If you have children or pets in your home, then make sure that no surface goes unsupervised when they are around–especially if there could be any risk of messing with their toys on accident!

How To Clean Silicone Bongs

Silicone pipes are not only sleek and stylish. They also provide a safer alternative to traditional wood or metal counterparts when it comes down to how much smoke you’re willing to put in your mouth.

However, this safety does come at some cost. Cleaning these items can be difficult without proper equipment because most people don’t know what type of cleaner would work best on their material.

But fear not! We’ve compiled all our research into simple steps which should keep any smoker happy – whether newbies looking for something easy to easy-to-clean or a veteran looking forward to having fulfilling smoking time.