How to Clean a Shark Rocket Brush Roll

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While vacuum cleaners help clean our homes and make them dirt-free, they also accumulate dirt. The same is the case for a Shark Rocket, so it’s essential to clean it regularly too. In this article, we’ll tell you how to clean a shark rocket brush roll.

How to Clean a Shark Rocket Brush Roll

Cleaning a shark rocket is an easy thing to do if all the steps are followed and done with patience and care.

Safety Measures

You can follow the below steps to ensure your safety and a smooth cleaning process.

  • If you are prone to allergic reactions when you come in contact with dust, you should be wearing a face mask for protection.
  • Avoid touching the dirtbag inside the vacuum cleaner with bare hands; instead, wear a pair of gloves to clean it.
  • Ensure that the vacuum cleaner is appropriately disconnected from all electrical connections to prevent any chance of getting an electric shock.
  • Removing the electric supply is also imperative because otherwise, its interior parts can be damaged due to unwanted current flow.
  • Make sure to have something inside which can collect the dirt. This ensures that the floor does not get dirty during the cleaning process.
A person using a vacuum cleaner

Tools Required 

  • Pair of small but sharp scissors.
  • Screwdriver that is suitable for the screws in the cleaner.
  • Soft cloth or brush for dusting the dirt.
  • Rust remover if needed.

Step #1: Disassemble the Vacuum Cleaner

The first step in cleaning the cleaner involves dismantling it to reach the inner parts of it. Open it slowly and properly to avoid damaging any part.

  • The head of the cleaner comes with a button that needs to be pressed to remove the cover. Locate and push it to remove the cover.
  • Once the cover is removed, you need to access the roller brush. It is located on the bottom side of the roller.
  • To access the screws attaching the brush and the cleaner, flip the cleaner and lay it in an upside-down position.
  • Sometimes, these screws can be difficult to remove due to the rust on them. Use rust removers to clear the rust and then unfasten the screws.
  • Keep the screws in a small container to avoid misplacing them. 
  • On removing the screws, you will notice a tray on one side of the brush upon which it is resting.
  • Pull it and delicately slide it out to take the brush out of the cleaner. The other side has to be carefully pulled out of the belt, holding it in place.
  • If you have difficulty pulling out the brush, rotate it carefully and slowly in an anti-clockwise direction until it slides out.
  • Do this delicately and smoothly to avoid any damage to the cleaner.
  • There is a soft roller beside the brush, which needs to be removed by pressing a button.
  • To make the reassembly of the cleaner simpler, take note of the position in which the brush and belt are. Click photographs, if needed.
  • If you still face difficulty opening the cleaner, refer to the guide manual that comes with the cleaner.

Step #2: Clean the Brush         

After you have carefully dismantled the cleaner, you can now begin cleaning it.

  • There are two ways you can clean threads, hair, or any such material entangled in the brush. 
  • You can use a small sharp scissor to scrape these dirt particles neatly from the cleaner.
  • However, most cleaners come with a special tool for hair removal, which should be the first choice. In case you don’t have it or have misplaced it, you can use scissors.
  • Do not damage the brush while cleaning it. Move the hair and dust particles softly along the groove on the side of the cleaner.
  • The soft roller you removed also needs to be cleaned. Clean it with the help of some lukewarm water and let it dry properly.
  • Then use a soft towel to wipe the entire set-up so that it gets thoroughly cleaned.

Step #3: Check for Damage

Despite all precautions taken, some parts of the cleaner may get damaged. After you’ve removed all the dirt, carefully check if all the internal components are working correctly.

In case you encounter any damaged part, replace it by buying genuine spare parts. Once the cleaner is in working condition, you can begin to reassemble it.

While putting the brush back, put the brush on the tray fast and slide it in. Then put the other side of the brush on the belt.

Constantly keep referring to the pictures clicked to ensure that the cleaner is reassembled correctly.

Here’s a video guide to help you understand the process of cleaning a shark rocket brush better.

A close up shot of a yellow vacuum cleaner on a rug

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Necessary to Clean the Brush?

Over time and with usage, dust and other dirt particles begin to accumulate on the brush. This reduces the effectiveness of the cleaner. This may also increase your time spending time cleaning compared to normal.

Therefore, cleaning it every so often is vital to ensure its proper functionality and performance.

Is the Cleaning of the Brush of a Vacuum Cleaner Expensive?

Some special tools may also be required for cleaning, which comes along with the cleaner. Therefore, cleaning the brush is a cheap process and necessary for the longevity of the device. 


The brush inside vacuum cleaners begins to accumulate dirt with usage, which decreases its performance. Cleaning them makes it easier to clean rugs and carpets such as polypropylene rugs and many more. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them regularly.

Cleaning the brush is simple but needs to be done carefully to avoid damage to its filter and other internal parts. Thus, clean the brush by following proper steps and precautions to ensure its long life.