How To Clean Under Your Nails

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I bet you thought clean nails were easy, right?

Wrong! There are so many ways to get dirt and grime under the skin that it’s surprising anyone has beautiful hands at all.

After going through every tool in my house trying unsuccessfully with scissors (true story!) I finally decided on an investigative course of action- testing out various solutions until one was found which worked consistently each time without fail.

So, How To Clean Under Nails?

It turns out this little trick involves using only two ingredients – vinegar & water mixed together. This should be just enough where they’re combined but not blended into greasy liquid form as some recipes suggest. Then simply apply generously over nail beds before drying thoroughly.


Glamour commenters pointed out that nails often get dirtier faster in cooler months, and the lint from inside gloves could be to blame! If you start noticing your hands are always full o’ crap turn them inside-out before dusting off. The same case is with Acrylic nails and you should know how to clean them too.

An Easy Guide

Clean under your nails with an old toothbrush and some warm, soapy water. You can also use a special cleanser called Mavala Nail Polish Remover or any other type of acetone-free nail polish remover. Just make sure these are safe for natural/organic ingredients (don’t worry if they say anything has “nontoxic” on it because this means there won’t be much chemical reaction).

If all else fails just give yourself 30 seconds to put penicillin in between each cuticle before going back at them again – doing so will help prevent infection from setting.

Use A Standard Nail Brush

Make sure your nails are looking their best by using a quality brush. The Body Shop’s is my favorite because it does an excellent job at removing dirt from under the nail bed while being affordable and attractive in design!

This is the same as using a good mascara tube that provides even better results.

Moisturize Under Your Nails

If you want to keep your nails looking long and healthy, make sure they are always clean. The best time for me is in the shower because my hands will be moist within just one minute after washing them with soap suds or under running water!

Clean Them until Perfection

Clean your nails by squishing the antibacterial soap on them and then brushing back and forth gently until all dirt is removed. Your hands should sparkle like new!

Hand sanitizer can dry out your skin and nails, so make sure you moisturize them! The Trilogy hand lotion smells amazing with its mix of natural vanilla and orange scent.

Nail Care Routine

It is better to know how to take care of them than to know how to clean under nails, as you won’t have to bother cleaning them again and again. To keep your nails looking and feeling their best, follow these tips for a daily routine of healthy nail care.

Keep Your Nails Even

To reduce the risks of infection, keep your nails short and even. Even if you only have time for one quick check before bed (or work), make it a habit to trim them every morning or evening after cleaning up from showering. This way you can easily cut them!

If possible avoid sharing any nail clippers as much bacteria can accumulate on its blades depending on who has used them last – never take chances where there’s potential harm involved 🙂

Avoid Wet Hands

When you are done washing, dry your hands thoroughly. The act of drying will minimize the likelihood that water can get under nails. It softens them too much; preventing nail infection!

Moisturize Your Nails

The best way to keep your nails healthy and flexible is by applying a moisturizer every day.

You should also make sure that you wash them with soap, which will remove any dirt or oils from underneath the nail bed.

Reach Soap And Water Under Your Nails

When you wash your hands, be sure to pay attention and clean not just under the nails but also on top of them. In a study done by four different methods among dental assistants (hand-washing with antibacterial soaps or using alcohol sanitizers), it was found that both were effective at reducing bacteria found in skin folds such as around our knuckles.

Whatever method you choose, make sure all surfaces get scrubbed good enough before moving on to something else. Soap and water might help you clean your phone case, so do it at the same time you clean your nails.

In the meantime, make sure to not let the sink overflow by cleaning it afterward.

How To Avoid Dry Or Fragile Nails?

Take More Vitamins

Up your vitamin intake. If you’re not eating enough of certain vitamins, like B12 or D3 (encephalitis), it can cause brittle nails and slow growth in general. This is why many people take biotin supplements to help strengthen their nail beds!

The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology suggests taking 1-milligram capsules daily for six months straight works best with no side effects. However, please note that a pregnant woman shouldn’t consume it at all times.

Use A Nail Reinforcement

If you want strong nails, don’t be afraid to use a nail strengthener! It’s important that your cuticles are healthy and moisturized too.

Some people also like applying clear polish on top of their natural color- this will give them even greater protection against chips or cracks in the future.

Avoid Too Much Of Tough Nail Treatments

Harsh nail treatments can strip the top layers of your nails, weaken them and make it harder for you to grow healthy-looking talons. So limit or avoid using gel & acrylics as well acetone polish removers if possible!

Final Takeaways

Nail care is essential to keep your nails clean, healthy, and presentable. If you notice any unusual symptoms such as discoloration or swelling around the nail bed then it’s best that you see a doctor.

The reason is, there could potentially be an underlying issue that will require medical attention.