How to Clean Greasy Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans are an integral part of every house. Keeping them clean is important, not just for the sake of the house’s appeal but also for the inhabitant’s health. So, check effective methods of cleaning the greasy ceiling fan. 

How to Clean Greasy Ceiling Fans

Learning how to clean greasy ceiling fans by yourself will help you save a lot of money on hiring professionals for it. Here are some methods to go about it:

Method 1: Using Household Cleaning Solution

If you have a fan in your kitchen, the grease on it will be different from that of the usual dirt and debris stuck on the fan blades. You need to implement specific steps to remove that grease from your ceiling fan. The steps include:

Ceiling fan

Step #1: Gather What You Need

Get all the important things ready before you can start with the actual cleaning job. It is always the first step to arrange the necessary supplies for one-shot cleaning of the ceiling fans. 

Things You Need

  • Clean clothes
  • Old newspapers
  • A household cleaning agent
  • A grease cleaning solution
  • A ladder
  • Spare rags
  • Eye protector
  • Hair caps

Step #2: Prepare Yourself

Some of the steps that you need to follow while prepping for cleaning the kitchen grease off the ceiling fans are:

  1. Place all the essential supplies on the ladder tray for easy access.
  2. Wear eye gear all the time while cleaning the fan.
  3. Tape the fan switch in the ‘Off’ position to avoid kids or others turning it on accidentally. 
  4. Cover your head to avoid greasy chunks that can fall on your hair while cleaning. 
  5. Place old newspapers right on the floor, under the fan, to collect the loose dust or debris. 

Make all these preparations beforehand. You can also change some household settings for the time being, if necessary. Now, you can move on with the appropriate cleaning measures. 

Step #3: Clean the Dust and Debris

If there is a greasy layer on fan blades, then there is most probably dirt stuck on it as well. Grease acts as an adhesive for dirt or debris. Under this step, you have to do the following:

  • Wipe the top of the fan blades first. Use dry soft cloth or paper towels for the purpose. 
  • Remove the loose dust, dirt, and debris from the blade. 
  • Now, make a solution consisting of water and a household cleaning agent.
  • Damp a cloth with the solution and use it to remove more of the debris. 
  • Repeat the above points for all the blades individually. 
  • Ensure to cover all the areas of a ceiling fan, especially the side edges of fan blades.


Do not apply the cleaner solution directly to the ceiling fan blades. Without cleaning the dirt build-up at first, the cleaner will solidify the dirt and give it a mud-like texture. Hence, cleaning it will become more difficult.

Cleaning supplies

Step #4: Cleaning the Kitchen Grease

It is the most important step amongst all, as kitchen grease is the real pain. Moreover, to help you get rid of these greasy kitchen textures off your fan blades, follow these steps:

  • Use a damp sponge and grease cleaning solution. 
  • Apply it on each fan blade thoroughly. 
  • Wipe it, let it dry, and then run your hands on the blades. If you find them still greasy, then it is time to apply the solution one more time. 
  • Repeat the process until the fan blades feel completely free from grease. 


Do not spray the cleaning solution over the fan blades. It won’t cover the area you want it to. Moreover, you will find yourself using more of the solution if you go about it this way. Therefore, use a sponge to apply it instead of spraying it.

Step #5: Keep the Fan Clean

Once the cleaning is over, you need to ensure that this greasy situation with fans doesn’t return anytime soon. Therefore, some maintenance or preventive measures are important, that includes:

There is no prominent or definite way of permanently keeping away kitchen grease from ceiling fans. However, with regular and interval cleaning, the greasing maintenance will be less in the future. 

Method 2: Using Mineral Spirit or Degreaser for Tough Grease

Some robust greasy layers of textures do not break down with the household solution. They need something more powerful to break their bond with the fan surface. Hence, this method intends to help you with the robust cleaning of greasy ceiling fans. 

Make sure you check the UL Rating of a ceiling fan before you begin cleaning. Ceiling fans with UL WET rating can be cleaned with water. But, the ceiling fans with UL DAMP and UL DRY ratings should not come in contact with water. So, choose the cleaning solutions accordingly.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for deep cleaning of the grease over ceiling fans:

Kitchen with a greasy ceiling fan
  • You need to observe whether your fan is just dirty or is greasy. If it is not greasy, using just a few baby wipes will easily help you clean the fan. It will help remove dust, dirt, and debris from the fan blades.
  • But, if there is any greasy texture over the fan, you will have to use mineral spirit or degreaser with baby wipes. Degreasers are commonly used to remove excess grease on bike chains as well.
  • Dampen the baby wipes with the solution instead of drenching them. 
  • Wipe the blades with the wipes, applying a little pressure to get loosen and clean the grease.
  • Take your time to do the cleaning, as tough grease textures might not go in one wipe. 
  • Be careful while scrubbing away the tough grease spots. 

For more information, you can check out this video to learn how to clean grease off ceiling fans. 


If you are using mineral spirit to clean grease off ceiling fans, then you might need to be a bit careful. You must not apply this solution to the design areas on the fan, as it might corrode or damage them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Clean My Ceiling Fan Every Day?

If you have the patience, you can clean the fan every day. However, it is not necessary to take that hassle every day. You need to clean it over an interval or once every week. It depends upon the dust, dirt, or grease accumulation on the fans. 

What Will Happen if I Don’t Clean the Greasy Ceiling Fan?

If you don’t clean the grease over ceiling fans over time, it will result in a wobbling of the motor and even lead to failure. Moreover, the airflow will reduce, and it will also look ugly, thereby affecting the look of your house. So, one thorough cleaning is important, after which frequent dusting can be helpful for preventive maintenance. 

Can I Use a Vacuum Cleaner Over Ceiling Fans?

You can use vacuum cleaners over ceiling fans for dusting purposes, just as you can use them for cleaning wind machine fans. You can use it with the right attachment to get rid of dust, dirt, and debris over fan blades. But, vacuum cleaners are not effective in cleaning greasy fans. 

Can a Dusty and Dirty Ceiling Fan Make Me Sick?

Yes, fans will circulate the pollen & dust around the air. It will result in some forms of allergies for a selected group of people. Some symptoms that you will experience by inhaling the allergens are running nose, itching throat, and watery eyes.


If you are looking for ideal methods to clean your greasy ceiling fans, the above ways are apt for it. Use the one that seems convenient for you, and maintain an appealing look in your house. Not just that, cleaning them at regular intervals is a step in the direction of good hygiene.