How to Keep a Clean House While Working Full Time

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A full-time working individual often finds it challenging to keep the house clean while justifying the job responsibilities. However, making cleaning a priority and structuring your schedule right can make it easy.

How to Keep a Clean House While Working Full Time

It’s not difficult to learn how to keep a clean house while working full time. Follow these methods to get the required knowledge. 

Woman holding a cleaning spray to clean the surface of her house

Method 1: Make Weekly Cleaning Plans 

Indeed, it is one of the best ways to keep the house clean, even with a full-time job. Leaving behind kids and pets at home is a mess, and complete cleaning cannot be done in a day. So, follow these steps to keep your house clean without taking any official leave. 

Step 1: Vacuum The Floors On Monday

Get used to turning Mondays into vacuuming Mondays. You can do the vacuuming in the morning before getting ready for the office. Follow these procedures: 

  1. Prep your vacuum cleaner from the night before.
  2. Wake up an hour earlier than usual. 
  3. Target all the rooms, and vacuum them thoroughly. 
  4. Do not miss out on furniture, couch, and pet beds (quite important if your pet recently recovered from tapeworms.)

Complete the Monday cleaning task, and you can take a shower to leave for work.

Step 2: Wash The Floors On Tuesday

The following day will be the day when you wash the floors. As vacuuming is complete, washing will be an easier process. Here is the order of process that you need to follow:

  1. Just like you did for vacuuming, prepare the floor washing supplies the night before. 
  2. Keep aside the clean rugs, furniture, and other essentials. 
  3. Get the mop, a cleaning agent, and a bucket ready for the purpose.
  4. Get some coffee on Tuesday morning, and fill the bucket with water. 
  5. Add a cleaning agent into it and stir the mixture. (Add it per instructions on the label).
  6. Now, submerge the mop head into a bucket of water, and wring out the excess. 
  7. Start washing the floor of the biggest room at first. 
  8. Mop the floor properly without missing out on the corners. 
  9. Keep changing the water solution when it turns dirty. 

The Tuesday cleaning is now over. Before you head to work, replace the furniture and rugs back to their places. 

Step 3: Wash The Bathroom On Wednesday

It is very important to keep the bathroom clean. Choose cleaning time as per your convenience. Opt either for cleaning in the morning before work or in the evening after returning from the office.

Person cleaning the bathroom countertop
  1. Make sure you have all the bathroom cleaning essentials available. 
  2. You must have a toilet cleaner, bathroom floor cleaner, bathroom cleaning brush, toilet brush, sink cleaning brush, and others. 
  3. Prepare the bathroom floor cleaning solution. 
  4. Use a mop to clean the tiles properly. 
  5. Move to the toilet, and use the brush and toilet cleaners to clean the pot and seat. 
  6. Repeat the process for all the bathrooms in your house. 

Take a shower after all the cleaning is done to ensure proper hygiene of yourself.   


Some toilet cleaners need to settle in the pot for a while before flushing out. Therefore, follow such instructions, else your cleaning efforts will go in vain.

Step 4: Look For Other Cleaning Requirements On Weekends

Take a two-day break, because major cleaning of the house is over. Wait for the weekends, and spare some time in the morning to dust and arrange the furniture, decorative pieces, and other things around the house. 

Look for things that might require repairing, maintenance, or even replacing new LED bulbs in your chandelier or a simple socket. pairing or maintenance. Get over with such jobs. Check the exterior of your house on weekends. Some cleaning needs professional hands, such as rooftop cleaning, garden cleaning, and others.

Method 2: Adapt Some Daily Cleanliness Habits

Even with a proper weekly cleaning schedule, some things are essential every single day. Moreover, adopting such cleanliness habits and blending them with the weekly plans will help you keep a clean house. 

Follow these steps for the said purpose:

Step 1: Do Your Part Of The Laundry Every Day

It is better to do your laundry every day in the morning before heading out to work. You might need to get an efficient washing machine to save some time. 

  1. Pile up the clothes that you have to wash the night before. 
  2. Wake up and put the pile into the machine.
  3. Add detergent and water, set the wash cycle, and turn it on. 
  4. Now, you can utilize the time to do your weekly cleaning while the cycle completes. 
  5. Hang them out before you leave for office. 
  6. Collect them from the clothesline ropes when you return back from work. 
  7. You can fold them while you watch Television or Netflix. 

Step 2: Clean The Dishes Right After Use

It is yet another habit that you must develop within yourself. Hence, it is better to clean the dishes right after you use them. It will save you time and effort for cleaning a big stock of dishes.

You need to do it right after breakfast, lunch, dinner, or while snacking. Your house will look cleaner with no dishes in the sink.

Clean plates and dinnerware pieces


If you have a dishwasher, then you can prefer stocking up the used dishes in it. Do not pile them up in sinks, as it creates a bad appeal for the house. Dirty dishes, re-usable straws, pancake griddles, grill mats, and cups should not remain in the sink throughout the day while you are out at work.

Step 3: Tidy The House Before Going To Bed

Here are some of the cleanliness inspections and fixes that you need to do before going to bed:

  1. Wipe the kitchen counter and sink. 
  2. Pile up dirty clothes for next-day laundry.
  3. Keep the scattered books, clothes, remotes, and other such things, at their respective places. 
  4. Hang the towels on the clothesline ropes. 
  5. Take out the trash. 

Some other things you must bear in mind are:

  1. Fold your nightclothes and keep them in the wardrobe before leaving for work.
  2. Clean the gas stove or zinc kitchen counter after cooking your meals immediately. Do not leave the cleaning for later.
  3. Put the clean dishes on their storage racks.  

Here’s a comprehensive video guide that shows many ways to keep the house clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Ensure My House Is Clean After I Come Back From A Business Trip?

You need to finish up all the weekly cleaning before you leave. When you come back, do the necessary cleaning to revive your house again. 

How Can I Speed Up My House Cleaning Process?

Setting a timer helps. Make sure that you complete a cleaning session before your timer runs out. Keep practicing, and you will surely improve your speed.

What Appliances Should I Buy To Help Me In Faster & Better Cleaning?

You can get some appliances with a slate finish such as washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and others for easy cleaning. However, if you can manage your work and time without these machines or appliances, it is not mandatory to get them. 


51% of women and 20% of men prefer to do housework daily. Cleaning every day is by far the smartest tactic to keeping the house clean.

However, segmenting clean-up tasks to different days in the week can make your life a lot easier. All you have to do is follow the methods above to get a sparkling clean house even while working full time.