How to Clean Lava Beads?

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Lava rock beads are used for crafting necklaces and bracelets. People are quite amazed by their appeal, thereby purchasing the beads often. The best thing about the beads is that you can apply essential oil over them and enjoy the scent. 

Cleaning the beads isn’t difficult, either.

How to Clean Lava Beads?

With the constant application of essential oils, it is also crucial for you to keep them clean. Go through the article to learn how to clean lava beads

Method 1: Clean It With Soap and Water

The lava rocks have existed for millions of years. However, using them and cleaning them afterward has only gotten easier.

The simple and most convenient method of cleaning the lava beads is to use soap & water. This is also the same cleaning solution for cushion puffs. If you do not want to get any expensive cleaning solutions, this is the ideal option. 

Lava beads
  • Firstly, you need to get a bowl of warm water and mix it up with a mild soap solution. You can prefer shower gels, body creams, or bath soaps. Remember to use only a small amount of it. Wait until the bubbles are seen over the mixture as it activates the soap. Mild soap can also be used for cleaning Shungite rocks.
  • Now, submerge the lava beads necklaces, or bracelets into the mixture for quite a few seconds. Pull them out quickly.
  • Now, use a toothbrush to give gentle rubs over those beads. Do not apply too much pressure.
  • Once the cleaning is done, make sure you rinse away all the dirt and dust by washing it under direct tap water. While you rinse it, rub the lava beads with your fingers to eradicate the residues. 
  • After cleaning them, sniff the beads and check whether the smell of the soap has faded. A mild smell shouldn’t be a problem, but if there’s a strong smell of soap, rinse the beads again.
  • Now, it’s time to dry the lava beads bracelet or necklace with a clean cloth. Make sure you pat it to dry without rubbing it with the cloth. Also, do not use fabrics that have chemicals sprayed onto them for other applications. 


Do not use jewelry chemicals on the lava beads. It is because they are specifically for zinc, metal, platinum, silver, gold, or iron ornaments. Lava beads are nothing like them at all, and the beads may absorb the chemicals and hamper the appeal of the lava beads.

Method 2: Clean It With Warm Water & Vinegar

If you fear that your lava beads bracelet or necklace will hold onto the soap smell, you can try using vinegar instead. Under this process, you can prefer cleaning lava beads with water & vinegar. 

Some studies prove that using a lot of water over lava beads might deteriorate its appeal. Moreover, the porous rock will weaken over time. Therefore, the use of vinegar will possibly suppress the need for water. 

  • You will need a clean cloth, a bowl filled with warm water, and vinegar (50ml).
  • You need to make a mixture of vinegar and water and use your fingers to mix them together.
  • Once you get an even solution, dip the cloth into it by wrapping it around a finger. 
  • Let the cloth soak the liquid mix well, and then move on to the cleaning process. You need to hold the lava beads bracelet or necklace at an appropriate angle for easy cleaning.
  • Now, use the soaked tip of that cloth to clean the beads. Keep your motion gentle and slow. 
  • Observe the oil and dirt being removed from the surface of lava beads. Do not worry if your beads are soaking in that solution, as you can rinse them again in warm water.
  • Once you finish with the cleaning, you can go ahead and prepare to dry it. Use a clean and dry cloth to pat and dry the bracelet after you have rinsed it with warm water.

You can now apply more essential oils to the beads. You can also apply essential oils on items such as wool dryer balls. Here’s a short video detailing lava bead care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply Essential Oils to the Lava Beads?

Apply only one drop on each bead. You need to drop the essential oil on only a couple of beads, and you would see it last for over 2 to 3 days. 

Can I Use More Than One Type of Oil Over the Lava Beads?

Yes, you can, but apply a different oil two-three days after the initial application since the aroma will start to fade. Bear in mind that some of the oils last for around seven days. Once they start to fade, you can apply any oils that you like. 

In What Interval Should I Clean My Lava Beads Bracelet or Necklace?

Once a month, you should clean the lava beads bracelet or necklace. You can easily clean the lava beads using the methods described above. Swimming or bathing with these beads is not recommended because it may cause damage to the jewelry.

Is It Feasible to Submerge the Lava Beads in Soap Water for a Long Time?

You need to submerge it for just a few seconds and then pull it out for further cleaning. The porous nature of lava beads would absorb soap water, thereby making it tough for you to clean it. So, make sure you do not submerge it for a long time.


Cleaning your lava beads shouldn’t be stressful – and with this guide handy, you can clean them without damaging their look or appeal.