How to Clean Mexican Tile Floors

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Mexican tile floors are quite appealing in their looks, making them very popular. If you are a proud owner of these, learning how to clean Mexican tile floors is critical to keep them looking good.

How To Clean Mexican Tile Floors

It’s not as complicated as it may seem.

Method 1: Cleaning With Vinegar & Water Solution

Mexican tiles are hand-made and demand subtle cleaning methods. Therefore, this is the appropriate and easy method for cleaning them. 

Step 1: Remove All The Furniture & Rugs 

In the first step, you need to clear the area of your house before proceeding with further cleaning measures. 

  1. Remove the rugs at first, from all over the area that you want to clean. 
  2. Keep the furniture aside, or shift them to another room for the time being. 
  3. Pick up all the doormats, and remove anything else that has dust trapped underneath it. 

Step 2: Clear The Dirt & Dust Off The Floor

In the second step, you need to eliminate dirt, dust, and debris off the Mexican tile floor. Follow these steps for the same:

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner or broomstick for this purpose. 
  2. Make sure you thoroughly vacuum or broom the floor to remove all possible dust or dirt. 
  3. Pay special attention to the areas that were hidden behind or below the furniture, rugs, and doormats. 


Make sure to use a floor tool attachment with a vacuum cleaner hose for cleaning the dust, dirt, and debris off the Mexican tiles.

Woman holding a mop and a cleaning solution spray for floors

Step 3: Prepare A Mixture Of Vinegar And Water

For most cases, only water-based cleaning is sufficient for the Mexican tiles. A bucket of water is enough to clean away loose stains over the tiles. However, vinegar is also useful for some robust cleaning solutions. 

Fill the mop bucket with water and one cup of white vinegar for every gallon of water in it. Prepare a mixture of it and get ready with the mop and spare fabrics to move ahead with further cleaning. 


If you wish to use branded cleaning solution for your Mexican tile floors, you can use it instead of vinegar. Buy it from any of the online or offline stores!

Step 4: Mop The Floor

Now is the time to mop the floor with the ready-to-use solution from the previous step. Follow the below points for a clear understanding of what to do:

  1. Use a mop that has a long bar for easy gripping. 
  2. Dip it in the bucket of vinegar and water solution.
  3. Pull out the mop and squeeze it. Squeezing is important as you want the mop to be damp instead of wet. 
  4. Mop the Mexican tile floor thoroughly, without missing any corners. 
  5. If the solution or mixture in the bucket gets too dirty, change the water and add vinegar to it. 
  6. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the neatness of the tiles. 
  7. Turn on the ceiling fans, or let it air-dry before you replace rugs and furniture. 
Mexican tiles installed in diamond layout

It is the day-to-day cleaning method for Mexican tile floors. But, in case you have more robust stains or debris, you can go for more intense methods. For more information on using vinegar to clean the Mexican tile floor, check out this video

Method 2: Cleaning Of Wax Coatings Or Epoxy From Mexican Tile Floors

Wax coatings, epoxy, urethane, topical acrylic, and other such residues on the Mexican tile floors require different forms of cleaning. Therefore, here are the steps that will help you clean such types of residues from Mexican tile floors:

Step 1: Covering Of Furniture, Doors, And Other Surroundings

You need to cover the baseboards or any sensitive areas before the cleaning begins. It will help avoid the splashing of the cleaning agents onto the surfaces of furniture, doors, and other areas.  

Step 2: Remove Dust, Dirt & Debris From The Floor

Residents need to clear the dust, dirt, and debris off the floor before cleaning begins. 

  1. Use a broom or vacuum cleaner for this purpose. 
  2. Clean around the corners to leave no dust or dirt. 
  3. Double-check the dirt removal outcomes to ensure that the floor is clean.

Step 3: Use A Heavy-duty Coating Stripper Solution

Epoxy, wax, and other such coatings are tough stains or residues. You can’t remove such residues with the usual cleaning solutions, such as in method 1. Therefore, the use of a heavy-duty coating stripper is preferable for use. 

  1. For the strong coatings or residues, dilute the heavy-duty coating stripper solution using clean water. Make sure that the mixture solution is of ratio 1:1. 
  2. Use a chemical-resistant paintbrush for applying this solution or coating on the stain region. 
  3. Let the solution dry over the Mexican tile floor for around 20 minutes to 2 hours. The drying time will vary depending upon the toughness of the wax or epoxy coating. The stripper coating is active for around 24 hours, and you need to complete the cleaning within that. 
  4. Now, you need to rub the coating properly using a nylon bristle or scrubbing brush. You can use a scrubbing floor machine with specifications such as 130 to 140lbs and 175 rpm. 
  5. Rinse the Mexican tile floor with clean water to clear out the residue of the stripper solution. 
  6. Repeat the process for all the areas that have robust wax or epoxy coatings. 
  7. Once the floor is dry, you can uncover the furniture, doors and place the essentials back in their place. 
A clean Mexican tile

Method 3: Cleaning Of Grease, Soap Scum, Or Oil From Mexican Tile Floor

This cleaning method is possible to execute only after the completion of Method 2 for the removal of all wax or epoxy coatings. The steps for cleaning grease, oil, and other such stains from Mexican tile floors are:

  1. Cover the furniture, doors, and other surrounding objects. 
  2. Prepare a solution by using a degreaser and heavy-duty alkaline cleaner mixed with warm water. 
  3. Use a chemical-resistant sprayer with low pressure, a mop, or a sponge for applying this solution on the greasy or oily Mexican tiles. 
  4. Use a nylon scrubbing brush for rubbing the solution over greasy areas or soap scums. Keep scrubbing it with more solutions until you get satisfaction. 
  5. Rinse well and use clean water for mopping the floor after the greasy textures are out. Remove all the residues of the cleaning solution from the Mexican tile floors. 
  6. Repeat the rinsing process until you get back that original appeal of the Mexican tile floor. 
  7. After the floor dries, uncover the furniture, doors and replace the objects to their place.


If the oil stains are too stubborn and do not go away after applying this method, use an appropriate oil stain remover. But, let the surface dry first before applying an oil stain removal solution to the particular stained area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Frequently Should I Clean My Mexican Tile Floor?

You should seek cleaning of Mexican tile floor for at least once or twice every year. You can do the general water or vinegar cleaning more often, like once in 2 to 3 months. However, at least one deep cleaning is important in a year. 

How Are Mexican Tiles Made Of?

Mexican tiles are purely hand-made. The sun does the baking work in most cases. The Mexican tiles are not perfect in shape and have a soft texture. They are available in colors such as terracotta beige, red or orange colors. 

Will The Use Of Scrubbing Machine Damage My Mexican Tiles?

There is a definite specification stated above in Method 2. It is the only permissible machine strength for scrubbing Mexican tiles. Anything beyond that will damage the tiles, and it is not advisable for use. 

Are The Cleaning Methods The Same For Both Indoor And Outdoor Mexican Tiles?

Yes, the methods are apt for cleaning both indoor and outdoor Mexican tiles. Pick a sunny day to clean the outdoor tiles, as the natural drying process will be faster. 


The above methods are necessary to ensure proper care of the Mexican tile floors. You need to get all the supplies ready and plan out a spare day to start with it. It takes time, and you cannot rush on it, as it would lead to improper cleaning. So, pick the ideal cleaning method as per your suitability.