How To Clean a Suede Couch

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Suede couches are a luxurious addition to any home, but they require special care to keep them looking their best. Here is a guide on how to clean a suede couch for the utmost in luxury and comfort.

Step 1 – Preparation

Before beginning, it is crucial to prepare the couch as much as possible by removing all cushions and flipping over the couch cushions so that the bottom side faces up. This will allow you to clean beneath them and on top of them once they are replaced. Next, gather a towel and a metal spatula. These will be used to remove dirt and stains.

Suit the Solution

Some people prefer to use a mild detergent or an upholstery shampoo, but this is unnecessary. Clearwater usually does the trick for stains on suede couches. Use lukewarm water for this step; never let it reach a hot temperature than body temperature because it could damage the couch’s fabric.

Clearwater is also recommended for cleaning suede couches because it will not leave a residue on the fabric. This can be damaging to some materials that are more delicate than leather.

Carbonated water (from seltzer) and baby wipes work well for stains, but neither of these supplies should be mixed with clear water. They can leave a residue of their own on the suede, which could cause it to become discolored.

Waterproofing Leather or Vinyl

If you are worried about staining your suede couch while cleaning it, use waterproofing spray before beginning. However, this is not necessary if you use clear water and dry your couch as much as possible. Allow your couch to air dry naturally until it is almost completely dry. Then use a blow dryer with low heat to finish the job.

Step 2 – Stain Removal

Spray the affected area with lukewarm water and gently blot or agitate it to work loose any dirt or stains. Using a metal spatula will change your life when cleaning suede couches. This tool will scrape away any dirt or stains without damaging the fabric. It works like a squeegee; it is very efficient and leaves the sofa looking great.

Spray the affected area with Clearwater and let it sit for a minute. Blot away excess moisture with a clean towel and allow the couch to air dry. The stains should disappear in a few minutes! You can also use a small brush to get into difficult areas. Avoid using chemicals when possible, as they may damage the couch’s fabric.

Clean A Suede Couch

Step 3 – Maintaining Your Suede Couch

To maintain your couch in top condition, be sure to use a suede brush on it frequently so that dirt does not become embedded in its fibers. Also, never use chemicals to clean it. Use only water for spot cleaning or clearwater for general care to avoid damaging your couch’s fabric.

Step 4 – Cleaning the Cushions

It is essential to clean your couch’s cushions as regularly as possible because it will keep you from doing major cleaning every time there is a slight mark on the cushion.  

Use a mild detergent and a sponge to clean the cushion. Be sure to check for any areas that require special attention. If necessary, use an upholstery shampoo for this step.

Remove the cushion from the couch by unscrewing it (if applicable). Use lukewarm water with clearwater added; then rinse the cushion with clean water to remove all traces of dirt and chemicals.

Allow your couch’s cushions to air dry completely before putting them back on the sofa. For added luxury, place a fluffy towel under them while drying so that you don’t ruin them when they drip!

Be sure to check your couch regularly for any stains or marks that need attention.

Step 5 – Finishing Up

Once you are finished cleaning the couch, be sure to replace all of the cushions. Use a brush with short, light strokes in various directions to make your suede couch look shiny and new again!

That’s all there is to it! With a bit of time and elbow grease, you can clean your couch and keep it looking great for years.


If you do not use your couch every day, be sure to rotate it so that the same parts are not constantly pressed against one another. This could flatten out the cushions and leave you with an unlevel couch!

Remember to have someone help you with lifting and moving your couch. The last thing you want is a back injury because of a heavy piece of furniture!

It’s a good idea to place towels or plastic on the floor underneath your couch before you move it. This will reduce the amount of cleaning that needs to be done afterward.

Clean A Suede Couch

Harsh chemicals may discolor the couch’s fabric. You do not need to purchase special cleaners from a store. Be sure to use clearwater only, and avoid using it while the couch is still wet!

Do not scratch your suede couch or place heavy objects on its surface. This will cause permanent damage.

Use low heat to dry your couch’s cushions after cleaning them or washing them by hand. High heat will cause the fabric to shrink and become damaged over time!

If possible, do not drag any furniture across your suede couch because this could cause permanent damage!

Remember that all of the instructions in this article are general guidelines. If you have any questions, be sure to consult a professional before proceeding with any of the steps above!


Always use caution when moving your couch, and take care not to strain your back or hit yourself on the furniture as you move it around. Have someone help you if possible!

Be aware that chemicals are always a possibility when cleaning. If you are concerned about using them, it may be best to call a professional for regular cleanings!

After following the steps above, your suede couch should look brand new again! It’s amazing how even something as simple as clearwater and water can remove stains and marks and freshen up your couch’s fabric. Be sure to check on the pillows as well, as they need just as much attention!

Remember that smells can be difficult to get rid of completely. If you have pets or smoke in your home, this may cause some permanent damage. It may take time and multiple cleanings, but be patient, and you will eventually notice a difference.

Be sure to check your couch carefully for any signs of damage or dirt that may require special attention before cleaning it. If you have paint, glue, gum, oil, etc., on the fabric’s surface, call in a professional to take care of it because it could cause permanent damage if mismanaged.

There you have it. Cleaning your suede couch is easy to do if you follow these simple steps!