How to Clean a Lambswool Duster

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How do you clean your house? I’m guessing with a duster. How about cleaning a duster? Dusters, such as lambswool dusters, easily collect dust and must be cleaned. Here’s a guide to cleaning a lambswool duster.

How to Clean a Lambswool Duster?

Lambswool dusters are made from the skin of a lamb. A lambswool duster can be used to clean windows, tables, and even small trinkets such as table accents. The lambswool duster, like all dusters, must be cleaned of caked-on dust and grime.

Woman in blue rubber cleaning glove holds up white sequin bag with a lambswool duster.

Materials Required

  • Wool fabric cleaner
  • Glycerin
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bowl of water
  • Hand towel

Step 1: Tap the Duster

The duster becomes dirty after cleaning around the house, with gunk and grime settling in the center of the duster.

  1. Tap the duster on a table or newspaper to release the duster’s heavy dust.
  2. Tap it twice or three times more until the debris falls off the newspaper.
  3. After that, run a paper towel over the lambswool duster. Most of the gunk is absorbed by the paper towel, and the duster is ready for its next use.

This procedure is recommended after cleaning behind the fridge or cupboard.

Step 2: Removing Heavy Dust

When you have cleaned the heavy dust from the duster, move ahead to vacuuming the grime from the lambswool duster.

  1. To remove the caked-on dust from the wool, use a vacuum with a brush attachment.
  2. The delicate wool fibers in the lambswool duster should be cleaned gently by moving the brush attachment back and forth.
  3. Set the vacuum to the lowest possible pressure. Too much pressure on the duster’s woolen skin can cause it to break.

Just like dusting, cleaning starts with dusting off the dust. Vacuum cleaners allow to break dirt build-up for further cleaning.

Step 3: Use a Wool Fabric Cleaner

After dusting the grime and caked-up dust from the duster, the next step is to clean it thoroughly.

  1. Pour some amount of wool fabric cleaner into a bowl of water. If you don’t have wool fabric cleaner, then use any gentle soap solution.
  2. Dip the duster in the solution, and soak it for an hour.
  3. Soak it for more than an hour. This will break the dirt and grime inside the wool.
  4. Move the duster in a circular motion in the water.
  5. Rinse the lambswool duster with water.

The grime and dirt break up in the fabric cleaning solution. Rinse it well with cold water.

Here is a video guide that you can follow to clean the lambswool duster. 

Step 4: Use Washing Soap

If there is still dirt and grime left in the lambswool duster, then use detergent powder.

  1. Fill the sink with warm water and put two spoons of detergent powder.
  2. Agitate the water to mix it well. Next, submerge the lambswool duster into the warm water solution.
  3. This breaks the trapped dirt, wring it well.
  4. Rinse it with cold water and repeat the procedure until it is thoroughly clean.

Step 5: Use Glycerine

Glycerine gives shine to the lambswool duster.

  1. Add one tablespoon of glycerine to the lambswool duster. 
  2. Work it well in between the fur. Wriggle it for a couple of minutes.
  3. It is done for the restoration of natural oil in the wool.

Step 5: Dry It Well

The last procedure is to dry it well after rinsing.

  1. Roll the lambswool duster in a towel and then squish out the water.
  2. After that, tap it to wring off any remaining water.
  3. Hang it around the house and let it dry naturally.
  4. Do not use the dryer, and it can damage the fur.

Step 7: Wash It in the Machine

If the lambswool duster is still dirty and slimy, you can wash it off in a machine.

  1. Remove the duster from the handle and then put it in the top layer of the washing machine.
  2. Apply gentle detergent along with some fabric cleaner.
  3. Wash it usually, and then rinse it off well.

Once the duster is cleaned, dry it off naturally. It takes time to dry, keep it near the fan or hang it outside. Never use the duster until it is completely clean.

A person dusting a white lamp

Types of Lambswool Duster

The cleaning procedure of lambswool duster depends on the type of duster. This is because every sheep yields different kinds of wool; the texture of wool varies from one duster to another.

Here are some of the most famous lambswool dusters that you can buy from the market.

Duster with a Long Handle

It is essential when you are cleaning the roof of the cupboard. The long length of the duster ensures you can reach any corner of the house. In addition, it makes dusting easier and more convenient.

Moreover, the duster is made with 100% wool and contains lanolin, the natural ingredient that acts as a magnet while cleaning the house.

The super-soft fluffy fiber is perfect for cleaning musical instruments, and it makes the cleaning scratch-free.

Desert Breeze Australian Sheepskin Duster

It is made from Australian sheepskin. It is flexible and perfect for cleaning hard-reach areas. The duster fluffs up when not in use and squeezes in when put in the narrow gateways. Unlike any other synthetic duster, the texture is soft and fluffy. It comes with a durable handle, which can be stretched upon requirement.

Solid Wooden Handle Lambswool Duster

This lambswool duster is efficient for cleaning the ceiling, AC, and fan. It has a firm wooden grip with a fluffy head. This lambswool duster is perfect for heavy-duty. It can clean everything in your house, and still won’t get too dusty. To maintain and clean this duster, follow the methods mentioned in detailed steps.

Roundhead Duster

Dusting the home is a task that nobody is fond of, but a lambswool duster makes the work easy, quick, and efficient. Unlike other dusters, it does not have any high-fashion caps or covers, but it works more efficiently than synthetic or microfiber dusters.

It can clean home accents, paintings, and technical items like speakers or television.

Benefits of Lambswool Duster

  1. Lambswool dusters are low maintenance. Here is an article you can follow for the care and maintenance of lambswool duster.
  2. It cleans any surface without a scratch.
  3. The dusters can get into the narrow spaces and gets the gunk and grime out from that place.
  4. It can be used to clean lint from clothes, musical instruments, and home accents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Use Disinfectant to Clean Lambswool Duster?

No, lambswool duster is anti-microbial. It does not need any other disinfectant to clean the duster. You can use mild fabric detergent to clean the lambswool duster. It is best to wash with hands so the dirt and gunk can be cleaned thoroughly.

Can I Wash the Lambswool Duster with Vinegar?

Yes, you can wash lambswool duster with vinegar. Lambswool duster can become soft when cleaned with vinegar. Pour 2cups of vinegar into a bowl of water. Submerge the lambswool duster for 5-10minutes. Then, rinse it off with water. This cleans the duster along with that makes it soft for the next use.

Woman in black tank top is holding a lambswool duster

How Often Should I Wash Lambswool Duster?

Wash it once a week if you use it for light dusting. For example, if you use the lambswool duster once in a while for dusting, then wash it once a week. While if are an avid cleaner and dust your house every day, then wash it twice a week. It is not necessary to wash the duster after every use. You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner after every use.


Lambswool dusters are expensive, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime expense. However, proper care and maintenance can make the lambswool last for generations. Lambswool dusters are efficient and effective dusters to clean the nitty-gritty of your house.

In this article, we have mentioned all the steps to clean the lambswool duster and make it shine like new. The lambswool duster can be part of your family when good care is taken from one generation to another.