How To Clean Mouse Droppings From Your Carpet

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Finding mouse droppings in your house can be a gut-wrenching experience. To get rid of the mess, you must resort to pest control and later clean up.

I’ve prepared a step-by-step guide on how to clean mouse droppings from your carpet. You will also find some interesting tips on the cleaning process.

How To Clean Mouse Droppings From Your Carpet

Well, first of all, you need to gather the tools and materials required for cleaning mouse droppings from your carpet.

Tools and Materials Required

  • Disinfectant or detergent
  • Paper towels (disposable)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Sealable plastic bags
Close up of a carpet

Step #1: Apply the Disinfectant

First of all, it is suggested that you get pest control in your house. It is very important to stop the infestation at least five days prior to the cleaning.

The next important step is ventilating your house. Open the doors and windows of your house to make way for ventilation. Fresh air should enter the affected area to filter it properly. This should continue for not more than 30 minutes.

Stay outside your house when ventilating, so you don’t inhale any toxic air. After 30 minutes, you can spray the disinfectant, this is also a good tip for cleaning sea sponges. While doing that, ensure you have your rubber gloves on.

You must also make sure that the disinfectant you use is carpet-safe. Spray the entire carpet area with the disinfectant. Let the carpet soak in the disinfectant for at least 5 minutes.

Step #2: Clean Up the Droppings

After you let the carpet soak the disinfectant for at least 5 minutes, it’ll be disinfected. The disinfectant makes it easier to pick up droppings.

With your gloves on, clean up the droppings and urine using a disposable paper towel. As the solution will already have loosened the droppings by then, they would be easier to remove.

Throw away the disposable paper tissue or towel into the plastic bag. Keep repeating until all the droppings are off your carpet.

When the carpet is clean, seal the disposable plastic bag tightly. Also, clean the area surrounding the carpet with bleach or disinfectant. This is to ensure that your house becomes disease-free and hygienic.

Next, you have to dispose of that plastic bag very carefully. Not a single shred of the droppings should drop on the ground.

Step #3: Disposing Of the Droppings

In this step, you have to throw the sealed disposable plastic bag away. For that, you will first throw it in a trash container that has a tight lid, carry the container outside your house and dump the plastic container at a safe distance from your locality.

Trash bin

Don’t take your gloves off immediately after disposing of the plastic bag. It is important to make sure traces of bacteria or germs don’t remain in your hands or body during the process.

After it’s dumped, wash your hands with the gloves on, with antibacterial soap for at least 20 seconds. After that, you can remove them. Repeat the procedure on your bare hands as well.

An additional step says that you can even steam clean to disinfect your carpet. These steam cleaners heat water to disinfect the carpet or any surface, like your rugs.

Step #4: Cleaning After Removal of Droppings

To prevent any serious infection, deep cleaning of the area surrounding the carpet is necessary.

Use bleach to clean the floor with paper towels and later sweep it with a mop. You can use any other disinfectant as well if you feel the bleach can ruin your floor. You can also use hydrogen peroxide solution, similar to how you clean blood out of a carpet.

After cleaning the floor, make sure that you clean the mop and gloves with the same bleach or disinfectant. Also, throw away the paper towels in a sealed plastic bag.

If your house is highly infested with mice, it’s best if you wear disposable coveralls while cleaning your carpet. If not, make sure that the clothes you’re wearing while disinfecting your house are washed in hot water.

After you’ve completed the process, clean your hands once again with hot water and antibacterial soap. Alcohol-based sanitizer isn’t effective enough to complete the job. Still not clear?

Here’s a video guide on how to clean mouse droppings from your carpet.

Safety Precautions To Take When Cleaning Mouse Droppings

Taking the cleaning process lightly is not the correct way to approach this problem. Using unsuitable materials to clean the mouse droppings can result in dangerous consequences. Here’s a couple of things you should keep in mind.

  • Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mouse droppings, as you may end up infecting yourself.
  • Never use the same broom you used to clean the mice-infested area in the rest of your house.
  • It is not recommended for anyone to be involved in the cleaning process unless they are fully covered, wear gloves, and face cover. Leaving any part of the skin exposed in the process might mean an increased chance of infection transmission.
  • Don’t volunteer to clean the mouse poop when you’re pregnant. Researchers and doctors say that mice can spread infectious diseases through their droppings which can cause the death of a fetus. 

Why You Should Clean Mouse Droppings Right When You Spot Them

Mice infestation can contaminate your food, spread bacteria, and trigger allergies in humans. Mouse droppings, if not managed or treated on time, can cause severe health issues and deadly viruses.


Hantavirus is a deadly disease spread by mice. It generally transfers from mouse to human when an individual inhales mouse dropping like urine and saliva.

Plague is another deadly disease that transfers from a mouse to a human being and severely affects a human body causing headaches, fever, and swollen lymph nodes.

How to Prevent Mouse Infestation

After you’ve cleaned up your home, here are the steps you can take to prevent mice from infesting your home again:

  • Repair all the damaged windows and doors of your house to prevent the entry of mice. Installing door sweeps under the doors can prevent the entry of mice.
  • Keep your food containers airtight as mice are attracted to the aroma of food. Also, the mice are allured to moisture. Hence, fix all pipes and drains to prevent them from entering your house.
  • If you’re bringing any boxes into your house, make sure that mice don’t sneak into your house hiding in those boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make Sure That All Mice Are Gone?

Before the cleaning process begins, it is suggested that you get pest control in your house. It will get rid of any mice, tapeworms, and other disease-spreading insects from your house. Use industrial strength traps to trap them. Don’t poison them as you wouldn’t want them dying in an unfindable place inside your house.

How Does Bleach Help Me In Keeping Rats Away?

Aside from being a great cleaning agent for lava rocks, bleach is an excellent rat repellent. Rats die immediately even if they come in slight contact with the bleach. There will never be a rat around in your house if your floor is swept clean with bleach. It also helps to kill the hantavirus in rats.


Preventing your house from mouse droppings is essential, or else you can catch a serious illness. If the mice are already in your house, immediately get pest-control done.

And then, follow the step-by-step guide on how to clean mouse droppings from your carpet.