How To Clean Blood Out of Carpet

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There’s no such thing as an avoidable accident. You might think that you can avoid it, but really it just depends on how prepared and alert we are when they happen! Once they happen, there might be blood on your carpets and other places.

You’ve just had a nasty accident, but don’t worry!

There are several ways to remove blood from the carpet. The first thing that comes into mind for most people would be grabbing some towels and pressing them against the stain until it’s all cleaned up.

Remember, it is not like cleaning dop poop or mouse droppings out of the carpet.

This works well if you have an average amount of liquid or solid spillage (meaning not too much).

And the best part? You already have what you need to get this stain out of your carpet. Keep reading so that you can learn how!

Water Only

Sometimes, you need to get creative when removing stains from your carpet. One of the most effective methods is using cold water and letting it run over fresh blood until all that’s left are little scrubbing particles. It can be vacuumed up or at least pushed around so they don’t come back!

To remove a stain from clothing, first, spray the water on it and then wipe it off using either an absorbent towel or vacuum cleaner. Make sure to clean the carpet cleaner’s brushes after the process. If this doesn’t work try changing your wet cloth for another one until you get rid of all those pesky stains!

However, this method might not be effective for cleaning car carpets.

Water And Dish Cleaner

To get rid of a bloodstain, you can mix liquid dish detergent with cold water to create an effective cleaning solution. Soak one side of clean white cloth in this mixture and use it as a scrubbing tool on your carpet until all stains are removed!

To set the stain in, simply brush off any dirt or debris with your toothbrush. Then apply a cloth dampened by water before using light pressure on top of it. This will help break up stains while removing them from fabric so they don’t become permanent!

It is important that one does not use too much force when blotting their solutions. The reason is, this could cause more harm than good – making sure there’s been adequate cleaning beforehand should always come first.


To get started, mix two tablespoons of ammonia and water in a glass. Next, add three drops each time until you reach the desired color or depth. This is needed for your stain before pouring it into an appropriate container to use as a chemical treatment on affected areas!

Remember, never attempt this method if there are any suspected fiber stains. Why? because they can cause more damage than good due to harsh chemicals that might be upon them over extended periods.

Applying the spray bottle solution on your stained carpet is a great way to get rid of tough, stubborn stains quickly and easily. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes before blotting with a clean fabric. So, you don’t scrub away any raw areas that may need time in order!

Salt Paste

To remove blood stains from carpets, you can use salt paste. Simply mix together equal parts of water and table salt in a container. Keep mixing them until it becomes thin enough to brush on your cloth or sponge nicely.

Do it without making any more residue than necessary; then apply gently over the affected place of carpet with firm strokes towards an edge.

When you are finished with the paste, let it be for at least 5 minutes. Now take a cloth or cotton swab and apply firm pressure in order to blot up any excess liquid from around your stain;

Remember, do not rub!

Tray, plastic container and a brush.

Hydrogen Peroxide

To get rid of blood stains on your carpet, try using hydrogen peroxide. Simply mix one part bleach with three parts water in one spray bottle. Apply the solution to clean surfaces before allowing it to stand for about 30 minutes (or longer).

This will kill all bacteria that may be present, which means no more worrying odors! When you are satisfied with the final results, blot and wipe until you are done.

Final Words

You can remove most of the bloodstains using products that you found in the bathroom or your kitchen. If all other methods fail, it’s time to call in professionals!


Will Oxiclean Eliminate Blood Stains From Carpet?

Yes! If you need a cleaner that can get rid of tough stains like blood, then OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover is great solution with sodium percarbonate.

Can Professional Carpet Cleaners Help With Blood Removal?

The average person doesn’t realize that there are different types of stains on carpets. Professional cleaners can remove stubborn items like blood, nail polish, or coffee with ease but they might not be able to get rid of some other less severe messes like berry juice spillages from blueberry pieced together by your little one’s favorite dessert!

How Does Vinegar Eliminate Blood From Carpet?

Vinegar is a powerful cleaner that can remove blood stains from the carpet due to its high acidity and antimicrobial properties.

  • To use vinegar, mix 1 cup of white or apple cider Roofing Solutions® Ready Kit inner tube repair kit with 2 cups of warm water.
  • Now, apply it directly onto the spot as needed for each stain (about 10ml per square meter).
  • Apply this mixture only once- upon initial application. You’ll want enough time between sessions so it has time to dry properly without attracting additional dirt!
  • Blot away any excess moisture using either paper towels or cotton cloth before allowing airflow through out both rooms completely free from obstruction