How To Clean Shark Vacuum Filter

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The filters in your vacuum cleaner do an important job of removing dust and allergens from the air sucked inside. So, how to clean shark vacuum filters as if they aren’t regularly cleaned, their ability will decrease over time.

This is due to the buildup that occurs when dirt gets stuck between fibers. It can lead to poor suction levels forming worse problems like allergies or asthma symptoms!

To keep your filters clean and fresh, simply tap off any dirt that may have accumulated on them before rinsing under a stream of water. You can also use this method when removing residue from glassware as well! Letting these items sit for several minutes will allow all the gunk inside to come loose. So don’t forget about it or you’ll end up scratching an otherwise perfect surface quality.

When To Start Cleaning Shark Vacuum Filter?

Loss Of Pressure

It’s amazing how much dirt gets stuck in our vacuums. One day you wake up and there is a big fat hairy fuzzball right near where the filter should be! This can happen for many reasons, but most often it means that someone needs to take care of their machine because they’re not cleaning properly or at all.

Noisy Vacuum

The sound of water droplets hitting the tub will not be music to your ears if it is from a Shark vacuum. If it sounds like there are gasps for air, that’s because there is a problem! This can really wear down the motor and prolong its lifespan so make sure not to overheat it by running too much or leave them unattended when using this function.

Bad Odor

The Shark vacuums are some of the best on earth, but they’re not perfect! If you notice an unkind odor coming from your machine or if it starts giving off dirty fumes then that could be a sign it’s time for a cleaning. The same goes with AC evaporators.

Not Cleaning Well

There are two types of vacuums. Ones that leave behind a trail and lose suction because they haven’t been cleaned, or are clogged with dirt. It might be the same case with dirt bike air filters or others where the motor gets so hot from running continuously (like our Shark) that it melts plastic parts. Either way, you’ll know what’s happening fast when your vacuum starts smoking like crazy!

How To Clean Shark Vacuum Filter Step By Step?

Dessemble the Vacuum

Take a look at what you have to work with. You should start by taking off any accessories that are attached, such as brush rolls and carpet brushes. For instance, dust canisters and covers for filters – but don’t worry about those now!

Just focus on getting each part identified individually so it will be easier when we put everything back together.  After removing these few items from your device’s exterior/interior, take note of where they go once removed because you do not want to spend a day searching for them.

See If There Is Anything Weird Inside

Check every opening and then some. You may find fur, hairballs, or maybe even an old sock inside the vacuum. It should not be a shock to find them. When cleaning your shark vacuum, make sure to remove any obstacles with a wet microfiber cloth or hand. If you have trouble reaching it then use the wooden skewers on the end of some cleaners as seen here!

Bonus Tip: When you are working on your own shark vacuum, it is important that the lighting in and around where you’ll be doing this work meets certain standards. Make sure to use a flashlight if needed so there aren’t any surprises while searching for blockages!

Clean The Dirt Container

Take the dirty can to a sink of warm soapy water and empty out what’s inside. Then take this task one step further by scrubbing both ends with soap until they’re clean, rinse thoroughly under running hot water just like you would after cleaning dishes in your kitchen sink!

By using warm water in your bath, you can open both ends of the dust canister easily. After that put it right into that soapy liquid and scrub away with a brush or rag until all dirt has been removed from inside! Once rinsed off thoroughly dry using a microfiber cloth to remove any leftovers.

Cleanse Shark Vacuum

The best way to keep your Shark vacuuming machine in tip-top shape is with regular filter cleaning. The filters are designed for efficiency, removing large particles from the air while capturing fine dust and pollen. These can settle on furniture or carpeting below them, posing serious health risks when trapped inside homes without proper ventilation systems!

Wash Foam And Filters

When you rinse the foam and felt filters in cool, clear water (the manufacturer recommends no soap), be sure to get all of their dirt off. It may take some time for this task because it’s hard work scrubbing away at these delicate pieces.

Once cleaned well enough or if they return back into shape after being stained then your filter(s) will likely remain good as new even though still noticeable marked by what has happened along its journey through our cleaning system

Rinse out any leftover bits & bobs with clean tap water before storing them upright again


The HEPA filter on a Shark vacuum is located in the lower front of it. To get to this part, firmly pull off and remove both doors. The one that says “HEPA” or “Filtration” logo should be easy enough for you to find! Once removed from its housing unit simply rinse under clear water before allowing them dry fully so they don’t clog up again later.

Once the filter(s) are completely dry, set them on a countertop so they can air out. This may require an overnight stay!

Clean Every Part That Is Left

You will see strings, hair and other material wrapped around the rotating brush in your vacuum. This is normal! Use cutters to cut through whatever has wound itself around It so that you can easily clean up after yourself when necessary. Just pull or tug on any creeping strands as needed for removal purposes.”

Also, the Shark vacuum’s handle hose disconnects easily. When you take a look inside, it is cluttered with dirt and dust which can lead to an unhealthy environment for your appliance as well as decreased suction performance!

Final Takeaways

Put your new Shark Vacuum together and make sure it’s working well. Replace the felt filter first, then put on a clean foam one over top of that – keeping in mind you’ll want plenty to spare since they’re so cheap! Next, go ahead and replace both HEPA filters before finally snapping into place at either end with their respective covers attached.

Be careful not to break them off when fixing these onto different parts though because there are no guarantees where exactly something might snap from (you know how kids can do things). Attach handle hose if necessary.