How to Clean a Treadmill Belt

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If you have a treadmill in your home gym, it is probably one of the most expensive items there. You do not want to see your investment go down the drain by not taking proper care of it. This is why you have to learn how to clean it, especially the belt.

How to Clean Your Treadmill Belt

Cleaning your treadmill belt is not an expensive procedure. It is a simple process that you can incorporate into your weekly routine. It will save you money that you would have otherwise spent on repairs in the long run.

Woman running on treadmill belt

Dirt, grime and sweat are the enemies of your treadmill belt. These you have to remove right away; if you let them build-up, you will have permanent stains. When maintained properly, it will increase the lifespan of your machine.

You’re probably thinking about grabbing something and wiping the surface, and you’re good to go. That is not how it is done. This article will guide you on how to properly clean your treadmill belt.

Cleaning the Top Surface

The things you will need for this are:

  • Dry cloth
  • Paper towel
  • Clean damp cloth
  • Disinfectant

You mustn’t use any cleaning materials or sprays unless the manufacturer recommends them. The same goes for cleaners used to shine the metal parts. They may cause the treadmill to become slippery, which is dangerous and can cause accidents.

Follow the following steps to clean the top of your treadmill belt:

Step One

Disconnect the treadmill from the power source.

Step Two

Use your clean damp cloth to wipe the surface of the treadmill belt. You can wear an old T-shirt for this. To make sure that it is the correct level of dampness, it should not leave your hands wet.

It should also not drip water into the surface. Rotate the belt with your hand and wipe the rest of the surface until you have covered the whole belt.

Additionally, clean cloth is also helpful in cleaning your instruments like cymbals.

Step Three

Take the dry cloth, add a little disinfectant to it and wipe the top surface of the treadmill. The same way you rotated the belt in the previous step, do it again, this time with the cloth with the disinfectant.

This dry cloth can also help to clean your Coleman grill inside your house.

Step Four

Using the paper towels, dry the treadmill belt. Rotate the belt to ensure it is dry.

Cleaning the Underside

It is easy to see that the top of the treadmill is clean, and so you end up neglecting the underside. Clean it in the following easy steps.

Step One

Take a dry cloth, make sure that it is clean and larger than the width of the treadmill belt. Lift the belt carefully and slide the cloth below it.

Step Two

Move the cloth steadily from one end to the other end. You will notice some dust and debris on the piece of cloth; wipe until it is clean.  If you want to disinfect this part, go ahead.

Man walking on a black treadmill belt

Step Three

Rotate the belt manually and repeat the process of moving the cloth until you notice that it is clean.

Ways to Take Care of Your Treadmill

Cleaning the treadmill belt is one way of taking care of it and making sure that it lasts for a long time. The following are other ways to make sure your treadmill belt is well taken care of.


How do you know your treadmill is sufficiently lubricated? Using your finger, touch the deck surface under the walking belt. If it feels oily or waxy, then it is okay. If your finger is dry, you need to lubricate it.

Lubrication is crucial as it reduces friction between the motor and the treadmill. Ensure you use a lubricant that is designed for treadmills. Regular lubricants that are used for cleaning your bike chain and cleaning skateboard bearings are not suitable for treadmills as they cannot withstand the heat that the treadmill generates.

When applying the lubricant to the machine, rotate the belt manually. Lubricate your machine every three months with a silicone lubricant or something that the manufacturer of your treadmill recommends. The wrong type of lubricant will ruin your treadmill.

Wipe the Treadmill

You have probably been to the gym and seen people who wipe the treadmill after using it and those who come in and wipe the machine before they go. You may have thought it was because of someone else’s sweat or something gross.

Wiping the treadmill after use is hygienic and a great way to prevent corrosion of the belt and the frame. Wipe your treadmill after use so you can enjoy it for a long time to come. A piece of cloth would work perfectly. You do not need fancy detergents.

Vacuum Frequently

You have to regularly remove dust and dirt from your treadmill before it accumulates and causes problems. Do this in areas around the belt and the treadmill deck. When dust and dirt accumulate, they damage and wear down the belt.

Vacuuming is essential in different rugs and helpful in cleaning your area rug on your floor.

For this reason, do not get on your treadmill with shoes that you wore outdoors. They have dust and dirt that will most likely end up on the belt. When vacuuming, do so on the belt and on the underside. Have a cloth for getting to areas that the vacuum cannot.

Some treadmills have an open design with high chances of the motor and cover becoming clogged. Everything from hair, dirt and dust will get into the motor. If you do not remove it from there regularly, you are going to end up with a huge problem.

Get a Treadmill Mat

A treadmill mat primary function is to protect the floor that your treadmill is on. It will also protect your treadmill. Your hardwood or carpet will get protection from wear, and the treadmill mat will prevent sweat from getting to the floor.

If you happen to have anyone living below you, the mat will prevent most vibrations from the treadmill. You do not want to be the annoying neighbour, right? A treadmill mat will also make things easier for you when vacuuming as it prevents dust, dirt and hair from getting to the motor.

To get you sold on the idea of a treadmill mat, think of how much your floor cost and the price of the treadmill. They will both last much longer if you get the mat. Get a high-quality mat for your treadmill and give your machine and floor more years.

Adjust and Tighten Belt

Most manufacturers sell treadmills when the belt tension is already adjusted. However, with repeated use, it will start to loosen. The tension decreases on the deck as the belt stretches.

You will be able to tell this as you will feel the belt is moving too much and is slippery.

To rectify this, tighten the two bolts at the end of the treadmill deck, and your tension will be fine. Check the buyer manual for more guidance. When the belt loosens, it may move closer to one side, thus getting off centred.

Immediately centre it to reduce any accidents.

The same bolts you used to get the tension right are the same ones you will use to centre your treadmill. Tighten the right bolt to centre the belt to the right and the left bolt to centre it to the left. Always check your manual when you are unsure how things should be done.

Man walking on a black treadmill belt

Additional Tips

Other things that may help your treadmill last longer include:

  • Unplug your treadmill when it is not in use
  • Use a surge protector
  • Set your machine on a level surface
  • Call a professional when you encounter a problem you are unable to handle

A Worn Out Treadmill

According to the U.S  Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), treadmill accidents may not be common, but they can be very dangerous when they occur. You may do all that is necessary to maintain your treadmill, but it will become worn out with time.

How do you know it is time to replace your treadmill?

  • The treadmill belt is discoloured and smooth due to excessive wear.
  • You have had it for a long time. It has been repaired countless times.
  • The motor makes irregular high-level sounds when you use it, but you cannot seem to find the problem.
  • The frame is shaky or damaged due to usage and movement.
  • The console electronics are acting up, or they do not respond, indicating a short in the electrical connection. This may end up causing an electrical fire or electrocuting you.
  • The parts cost too much. Sometimes, replacing it may be the best option instead of buying new parts every time your treadmill is damaged.
  • It is outdated.

When looking to replace your treadmill, do thorough research. Look at the things that your old machine did not have that you would like to have in your new one and go for that. You may have to look for experts to know which is the best for your needs. Remember the cleaning tips.


Like most machines, cleaning and maintenance go a long way to ensure that your machines serve you for a long time. Follow the tips above and the instructions from the manufacturer of your machine, and you will enjoy using your treadmill for a long time.