How To Clean a Coleman Roadtrip Grill

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A backyard or roadtrip grill has its own charm because of its handy and portable nature. It is what you need to make excellent barbeque plans work out. Coleman is one of the best brands to buy road trip grills from. It is because of their affordability, ease, and quality.  

However, it is still prone to accumulate bacteria, grease, and other cooking debris with use over time. This, in turn, deteriorates the efficiency of the grill. Therefore, it is important to seek routine cleaning to increase the longevity of the Coleman Roadtrip Grill. 

How To Clean A Coleman Roadtrip Grill

Coleman company recommends cleaning the grills after every use. The more you delay, the greasier the grill will be to clean. In addition, dried-up grease textures, flare-ups, mold growth, and other debris will stick hard to the grill base, making it difficult to remove them. 

Therefore, learning how to clean the Coleman Roadtrip grill is not only important for hygienic purposes but also proper maintenance as well. This guide will be your go-to cleaning manual.

Method 1: Clean Before Grilling With Mild Soap & Water

You don’t use your grill regularly. Instead, you might be using your Coleman Roadtrip grill primarily for outdoor fun activities, camping, road trips, and tailgating. So, dust accumulation is possible while it remains in the storage for so long. Therefore, you cannot use the grill right after it is out of storage.

Thus, you need to clean different parts of the grill by following the below steps before you re-use it for grilling purposes.

Step 1: Arrange The Necessary Supplies

  1. Venturi brush
  2. Grill brush
  3. A spatula
  4. A plastic scraper
  5. Cooking Oil
  6. Vegetable Oil
  7. Clean cloth
  8. Mild soap
  9. Water

Step 2: Clean The Grill Housing

  1. Take off all the removable parts from the grill. (Cooking grates, warming racks, drip trays, and burners)
  2. Now, there is easy access to reach the grill housing.
  3. Use a plastic scraper to clean out the food debris or residue stuck around grill housing.
  4. Now, prepare the solution of water & mild soap to clean the insides.
  5. Use a brush to apply the solution only after solid residues are eradicated from the surface.
  6. Rinse the grill housing with plain water to wash the soap solution remnants.
  7. Use a clean and dry cloth to wipe the grill housing.
  8. Finally, use another clean cloth and submerge it in cooking oil.
  9. Now, use it to wipe the grill housing to restore the shine.

Step 3: Clean The Grill Burners

  1. Use a grill brush to clean the burner surface.
  2. Apply some force to remove the stubborn residues or debris from the surface.
  3. Clean the burner ports using a paper clip.
  4. Now, use a venturi brush to clean the interior surface of the burner.
  5. Use a cotton swab for cleaning the debris from the valve gas jets.
  6. After cleaning the burner, place it back to its position over the grill properly.

Step 4: Clean The Cooking Grates

  1. Use a grill brush yet again for removing debris and residues off the grates.
  2. Washing the grates becomes easy when solid residues are removed.
  3. Prepare a solution of soap & water.
  4. Apply it onto the cooking grates using a cloth or a toothbrush.
  5. Scrub with a little pressure over the stubborn stains or debris accumulations.
  6. Rinse the grates with clean water to wash off the soap solution.
  7. Now, use a clean cloth to dry the grates before you can re-use them.
  8. Now, wipe the cooking grates with a cloth submerged in vegetable oil.
  9. Thoroughly wipe all over the grates to maintain the luster.
  10. Now, heat the grates for around 20 minutes with a temperature of 275 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.(Use grill or oven for the purpose)

Step 5: Clean The Exterior Of Coleman Roadtrip Grill

  1. Use the soap & water solution for wiping off the exterior.
  2. Use a clean cloth dipped in the cleaning solution for the purpose.


Do not prefer to use any chlorine or detergent solution for cleaning, just as you would when cleaning pancake griddles. Moreover, avoid using any of the abrasive solutions as well. It will damage the exterior.

Method 2: Clean After Grilling With Dish Soap

It is good to clean the Coleman Roadtrip grill before use to ensure that the grilling efficiency is restored. However, it is also advisable to clean it after use before storing it back on its shelf. Leaving the grill untidy after use is one of the main reasons you have to put in a lot of effort to clean it before re-using it every time.

Therefore, it is important not to repeat these mistakes, which might hamper your health and damage the grill. Instead, follow these below steps to know the right approach to cleaning the grill after use.

Step 1: Arrange The Things You Need

  1. A scraper
  2. A grill brush
  3. Get a clean cloth
  4. Dish soap would do the work.

Step 2: Start With Cleaning The Cooking Grates

While cleaning the grill after use, you should start with cleaning the grates first.

  1. Wait for the grates to cool down to a warm temperature.
  2. Now, use a grill brush to scrape out all the food residues freshly stuck over the grates.
  3. Use a specific scraper to rip off any of the burnt foods stuck over the grates.
  4. Prepare dish soap and water solution for washing them.
  5. Use a clean cloth to apply this solution over the grates.
  6. Once over, rinse them with clean water to remove dish soap remnants.
  7. Use a clean and old towel to dry the grates.

Step 3: Proceed To Clean The Grill Housing

  1. After grates, housing should be the next area that you must clean.
  2. Use the scraper to remove any of the visible food residue or debris off the grill housing.
  3. Prepare a mixture of dish soap and water to clean the interior of the grill housing.
  4. Rinse it and dry it to ensure that no water sits on the housing for a long time.

Step 4: Clean The Burners

  1. After every grilling session, the burner takes up a lot of mess.
  2. You will need paper towels to wipe off the burner.
  3. As the burner is still warm, the food residues will easily come off.
  4. If you are cleaning it late and the food residues are somehow stuck over the burner, use a grill brush to remove them.

Step 5: Look Out For The Drip Tray

  1. The drip tray catches extra grease as it is beneath the burners.
  2. Prepare a mixture of mild soap & water.
  3. Use a cloth dipped in the solution to wipe the greasy oil texture off the drip tray.
  4. Clean it thoroughly, and then rinse it with clean water to remove the solution remnants.
  5. Ensure that your drip tray is completely dry before you can go ahead and insert it.


Seek removal of the propane tank to take off the drip tray for proper cleaning. Remove the propane tank right at the beginning of this cleaning method.

Step 6: Clean The Exterior Of The Grill

You can use just a wet cloth with mild soap solution to clean the exterior surface. However, as mentioned above, prefer not to use any abrasive chemicals or cleaning agents over the exterior surface to avoid any damage. Furthermore, as major cleaning is required for the interior region, you will not need much time and effort to clean the exterior.

Get a better & brief idea of these steps represented in this video. Check it out, and you will be more proficient in learning how to clean your grills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use A Pressure Washer For Cleaning My Coleman Roadtrip Grill?

Using a pressure washer is one of the right approaches for cleaning a Coleman Roadtrip grill. However, it is expensive and not readily available at your home. Therefore, this guide has only the DIY methods to help a huge amount of people do self-cleaning of their grills.

But, if you own a pressure washer, and want to do a thorough cleaning of your grill, then check out the process in this link.

What Will Happen If I Ignore Cleaning My Coleman Roadtrip Grill?

If you don’t prefer cleaning it right after use, the food residues might permanently stick to the grill’s surface. Eventually, this will deteriorate the grill, and you might experience a funky taste in your food.


As everyone says, apart from eating good food, even maintaining the cooking appliances is essential for ensuring good health. Hence, the concluding fact is that a roadtrip grill needs proper maintenance, right after or before use. It is not just for maintaining the life of the product, but it also raises self-health concerns.

Therefore, make sure that you learn the process and implement it on a routine basis, so that you can enjoy grilling your riblets, burgers, and other food on your grill without risking your health.