How To Clean White Quartz Countertops

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Quartz is a wonderful material for kitchen and bathroom countertops. It was rated good at Mohs scale ranking, as it is hard enough to cut without dulling your blade.

They are also scratch-resistant in comparison with natural stones like granite which can be mined from deep within Earth’s crust.

Quartz may be a stone of strength and stability, but at the end of the day, it still just rocks. Natural stones like quartz or white gold are prone to chemicals which means you’ll need some cleaning them from time to time to keep your quartz surfaces shining like new!

Frequent cleaning can also prevent bacterial growths or fungi – both things I’m sure you wouldn’t want near your kitchen (yuck). So, while this sounds like an easy task; make sure not to get caught up with mundane labor–it takes more than maintaining what already exists.

Basic Maintenance Tips For White Countertops

Routine cleaning and maintenance for white quartz countertops are easy. Simply rinse them after each use with warm water. Scrub any grime off of the surface in a circular motion before drying thoroughly or wiping up excess moisture, if you have too many spills on your stone surfaces!

  1. The brushing technique should work well enough but it’s best not to leave anything sitting around. So, doing these steps every day will ensure that no unwanted buildups occur later down the road.
  2. When you’re done cleaning, just rinse your sponge or towel off with water and then shake excess moisture out. Pat the surface dry to keep dust away!
  3. Also, it’s important to clean your counters after prepping food because residue can stick.

Remember, it is not like cleaning an old hardwood floor, so make sure to be gentle on them. But, how to clean white quartz countertops?

Cleaning Tips For Filthy Countertops

If you have a stain on your quartz countertop, it’s important to take the right steps for its removal.

Here are some of our favorite tips with household tools and materials that will help get rid of odors from old food or beverage spills as well!

Making The Best Use Of Glass Cleaner

There is a lot of debate about whether or not you should use glass cleaners on quartz. The truth lies in the details, and some cleaners can cause mild damage while others might be safe.

One thing I would recommend doing before cleaning with any type: look up what ingredients they contain! You don’t want anything too strong like acid et cetera.

How They Are Effective?

Glass cleaners are a great way to clean your quartz countertops and can be used on any kind of stain, adhesive, or residue that has stuck in place. You only need about 20 seconds for each spray before it does its job and then you can wipe those away!

Once you’re done wiping away all those tough stains with microfibre cloth just rinse off excess water from around sinks/vanities etc. Why? because they contain little tiny particles which may cause scratching if not properly cared for (and quickly) cleaned up after use.

Grease Removers And Degreasers

If you have a white quartz countertop in your kitchen and are noticing that it’s getting dirty more easily than before, use an adhesive remover. Use degreasers to get rid of gum or other residues from surfaces like these!

How They Are Effective?

Cleaning white quartz countertops is easy with the right tools. Degreasers and adhesive removers can be used for removing stains, oil spills, or other dirt from these surfaces without damaging resin that coats it permanently!

However, if you are not sure about the safety of your countertop, do not use it. Most brands state that their cleaner is safe for quartz surfaces. However, just in case make sure and read up on what kind of chemicals can damage quartz countertops before using them!

Use Isopropyl Alcohol (After cleaning)

Isopropyl alcohol is a type of rubbing or dipping liquid that you can use to purify surfaces. It has the unique ability to kill off most microbes. It means it will keep your kitchen clean from bacteria and fungi!

Isopropyl alcohol can steer clear of the growth of bacteria and fungi by disinfecting it. It’s also exceptionally good at removing marks from white quartz countertops, so it will keep your kitchen looking clean and smelling fresh too!

How To Use It?

  • When you’re done cleaning, just spray and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. This is better than using other domestic materials such as vinegar or apple cider that can corrosion the resin in your countertop!
  • After wiping off with an absorbent towel (or paper towels), wipe down all sides of each surface to get rid every last bit – then dry thoroughly before storing away safely

You’ll be happy when they are clean again because who wants greasy countertops?

Avoid These Slipups While Dealing With Acid

  1. In nature, stones are naturally occurring products that can be weakened or damaged by exposure to tough acids and bases. The prolonged contact with these substances will eventually overcast the surface of your natural stone. So, limit their use.
  2. Mindful of the risk that hot substances may cause damage to your quartz countertops, so be mindful when cleaning them.
  3. Cleaning should only occur with materials at normal temperature or warmer and never below—in fact, you might even want an anti-microbial agent like bleach because it will kill any bacteria which could grow on these surfaces!

So, that was it for how to clean white quartz countertops. You should also check the best ways to clean your quartz crystals or pearls if you have a hobby of keeping them.



Quartz surfaces are typically very durable and can withstand a lot of wear, but acids will trigger an unwanted reaction that dulls their shine. Soapy water or cloth should be enough for most cases where you need to clean your countertop!


Quartz can be found in different varieties and coatings. The best thing to do is check with your manufacturer or warranty which cleaning agents are safe for quartz, as well always refer back to the label of the cleaner itself if it says “quartz-specific” then that should put you at ease! There are also many types available.