How To Clean Quartz Crystals

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Quartz crystals are often stained red-brown from iron and crusted with clay. However, they can also be coated in tough substances such as limonite or calcium deposits. So, how to clean quartz crystals.

This means that cleaning them may not always help get rid of unwanted dirt–but there is hope! The right techniques will bring out more vibrant colors when removing these grosser marks on your stones. Make sure you try these at home next time before sending them off for professional treatment (which isn’t always affordable).

Remember, cleaning a Quartz crystal slightly resembles cleaning a salt block.

Collecting Quartz Crystals are A Great Hobby

Quartz crystals are a great way to invest your time in something that will never grow old and always remain interesting. They’re also perfect for anyone who wants an easy hobby. The reason is, they don’t require much equipment or expertise! Also, these crystals hold a healing power that most people don’t know about.

However – sometimes these beautiful stones have been covered with other minerals which stain them aesthetically. Luckily there’s plenty you can do about it; from scrubbing gently like you scrub the air stones until the stains come off completely. For that, you can use abrasives like toothbrushes made specifically for this task.

Clean Them with an Old Toothbrush

To keep your crystals looking their best, use an old toothbrush! Put some water into it and then scrub the dirty quartz until all that remains are cleanliness ones.

You can even take this cleaning process one step further by using scouring powder or steel brush on tough stains. Quartz is very durable so there are no worries about damaging anything in particular with these methods.

Remove Marks

If you live in an area that gets plenty of sunshine, place your quartz crystals outside for several hours. This will help to dry up any remaining moisture on the surface so they can be brushed off easily.

To clean your crystals, you’ll need a few things:

  1. Take distilled water and baking soda. First pour the appropriate amount of each into separate containers or a bowl. Make sure it is large enough that they can hold whatever type(s) of stones. (I would recommend using glasses).
  2. Next add about 1/2 teaspoonful per cup measure if its just regular table salt. Then stir gently until thoroughly mixed well before adding any more diligent. Make sure it is away from direct sunlight so as not accidentally break them

Remove Hard Stains with Pressure Wash

Iron stains are one of the most common problems with quartz countertops. You can remove them using various tools, depending on their type and location in your kitchen or bathroom.

Or, even in the renovation project area. But, be aware that some stubborn spots might require more intense methods like sandblasting!

High-pressure water guns work well for removing much lighter iron marks from many surfaces.

On the other hand, air tool use is best suited at tackling deep set greasy residue left behind by leaks during manufacturing processes which have long since disappeared due to natural evaporation rates alone over time without any additional cleaning efforts being applied.

For Tough Stains

1.      Use Oxalic Acid

To remove deposits and tough stains, soak overnight in oxalic acid. If your quartz crystals have only a small layer of iron you can clean them by soaking the rock pieces. Soak them overnight with an equal portion (1:2) concentration solution that is available at most hardware stores!

Be sure to put some plastic between what goes downstream from this process. The reason is, if there isn’t enough room for expansion during gestation then problems will arise.

1.      Remove Algae Deposits With Bleach

Cleaning your quartz crystals with bleach can be a great way to remove algae deposits and other minerals. To make this work, fill a bowl or container halfway up with water mixed at a 5% concentration of household sequential liquid chlorine tablets (also known as swimming pool shock). Soak each crystal in its own separate layer which should total no more than two inches deep.

Ensure there is enough time for them all so that none gets missed! Once everything has been submerged together overnight – rinse thoroughly before continuing to on the next step: let dry completely overnight.

2.      Use Dishwashing Solution

Iron Out is the perfect solution for removing stubborn stains on your quartz surfaces! Soak those dirty dishes in it, or use a Magic Eraser to scrub away all of that rust—whatever you need.

The best part? You can do this with just one ingredient: waterlogged soap (like dishwashing liquid) and sometimes waiting around.

Iron Out is a fantastic solution for removing stains on your quartz surfaces. Simply soak the crystal in an appropriate amount of Iron Out. Let it do its job and watch as those tough messes are gone!

You may have to leave them drying out overnight before putting away or cleaning with water pressure. Do this if you want 100% satisfaction guarantee that there will be no residue left behind. This is important because we know how important clarity really can get at times like these 🙂

Precautionary Measures

Open up your windows

Always keep the windows open else you may breathe in toxic fumes. It’s best to work out of doors with plenty of ventilation, but if that isn’t possible then make sure the area is well-ventilated and don’t breath directly into any crackles/fans due to their high acidity levels!

Wear Protective Gloves

When handling any type of acid, wear gloves to protect your skin from infection and harm. Be sure not only do you have a pair that will keep out the harmful fumes but also ones with rubber palms for safety when cleaning quartz crystals or working in kitchens where food may be present which could stain them if spilled on accident!

Neutralize The Acid Before Disposal

Oxalic acid is considered a hazardous material, so it must be neutralized before disposed of. At end of the cleaning process, there will still remain some reaction; you can do it by pouring it slowly into a gallon jug filled two-thirds full (with CaO) and allowing it to settle for overnight.


That was it for how to clean your quartz crystals. Using these techniques, you can effectively clean them and enjoy collecting them with a full heart.