How to Clean an Oven After a Fire

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Giving a thorough clean to a burnt oven shouldn’t be a difficult task. We’ve broken down four cleaning methods for you to help you learn how to clean an oven after a fire.

How To Clean An Oven After A Fire

Here are four great methods to go about it:

Mother and child using a clean oven

Method 1: Using Soap And Water

An oven is a multipurpose tool that can cook a variety of dishes. Thus, your kitchen’s efficiency heavily depends on your oven’s efficiency. Kitchen experts believe that an oven must go through regular cleaning every three months.

Ovens interact with food a lot and are a closed appliance. Thus, the oven is prone to bacterial buildup. Regular cleaning gets rid of all the dust and microbes inside an oven.

It is, therefore, just like regular cleaning of toaster ovens, it is important to clean an oven at regular intervals. Often, people worry about cleaning the oven because it is an electrical appliance. Here is a method of general cleaning that is best for ovens.

Step #1: Let The Oven Cool Off And Remove The Racks

In the first step, ensure that the oven is completely cool before proceeding to clean it. Do not clean the oven right after cooking something in it. This saves you from high-temperature exposure. Secondly, it also helps you clean every nook of the oven without worries.

  1. Once the oven cools down, remove the racks and trays inside the oven.
  2. Dust off the insides and remove the debris.

Step #2: Spray The Oven Cleaner And Wipe

Instead of using soap and water to clean the oven, it is best to use specialized solutions. Since the oven is an electrical appliance, soap and water can affect efficiency. Additionally, the grime and grease inside an oven are stubborn. Therefore, using a specialized oven cleaner is the best option.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Choose a good store-bought oven cleaner for the purpose.
  2. Spray it adequately inside the oven
  3. Wait for 30 seconds and then wipe the residue off
  4. If the grease and grime are very stubborn, use the cleaner twice
  5. Always use a clean washcloth for the best results
  6. Use a fume-free and safe oven cleaner

Step #3: Clean The Racks

Cleaning the racks and trays is as important as cleaning the interior of the oven. Moreover, as ovens are used daily, grime and grease build up on racks. It is therefore important to clean the racks thoroughly.

Without cleaning the racks, your deep clean is incomplete! To clean the racks and trays, follow these steps:

  1. Boil water in a deep dish or pan.
  2. Mix some strong detergent or liquid dish cleaner in the boiling water.
  3. Put the racks in this mixture and let it soak for two hours
  4. The process removes all the grime easily
  5. After that, scrub off the remaining grime with a stiff brush
  6. Wash the rack thoroughly, dry it, and put it back in the oven.

There is evidence that the lack of regular cleaning is a fire hazard for the oven. The buildup of grime, grease, and leftover food can start a grease fire in your oven.

Following these steps helps you clean the oven without a hassle.

Method 2: Using Baking Soda Paste To Clean Burnt Oven

Apart from regular store-bought oven cleaners, DIY cleaning agents are great alternatives. For example, many chefs recommend a strong baking soda paste to clean a burnt oven.

Since baking soda is easily available in a kitchen, the particular DIY solution can work wonders.  Before proceeding, always remember that you are dealing with a burnt oven.

Baking soda

Step #1: Put Out The Fire Completely And Let It Cool Off

Before going ahead to clean a burnt oven, ensure that the fire is completely put out. Refrain from using water or flour to douse the fire. On the other hand, you should use a fire extinguisher to put out oven fires. Moreover, your kitchen should have a fire extinguisher for safety purposes.

Step #2: Remove The Racks And Dust Off The Debris

Once the oven cools down, remove the racks carefully. Secondly, dust off whatever debris you can on the first go. Before you do so, make sure that the oven is completely shut off.

Since you are dealing with a burnt oven, wear goggles, gloves, and a mask as safety precautions. You have a chance of exposure to fumes if you ditch the safety equipment.

Step #3: Soak The Burnt Racks In Detergent Solution

Cleaning the burnt racks is as important as cleaning the burnt bottom of an oven. However, you need a strong cleaning solution to remove burnt debris from racks. Simply using detergent does not help. Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Boil water and mix the strong detergent liquid in the water.
  2. Use this warm solution to soak the racks and trays.
  3. After that, clean off the racks with a brush and wash them with water.

Step #4: Use A Potent Baking Soda Paste On Heavily Burnt Areas

Sometimes detergents and cleaning solutions fail to clean burnt ovens completely. In such instances, make a thick baking soda paste as an alternative. For best results, apply vinegar after cleaning with baking soda.

  1. Make a thick baking soda paste using water.
  2. Apply the thick paste on stubborn stains and debris.
  3. Let the paste harden for some time.
  4. Scrape off the hardened paste with a stiff brush.
  5. Wipe off the area with vinegar

This process cleans the oven and also neutralizes the burnt smell.

Method 3: Put The Oven On Self-clean Mode

Today, many ovens come with self-cleaning modes. Self-cleaning is great if done regularly. You can also run your oven on self-clean mode after taking out the racks.

Self-cleaning is effective for dirt or gunk on the bottom of the oven.  However, there are various things to be mindful of when choosing to self-clean.

  • Self-cleaning takes five to eight hours to complete.
  • Traditional self-cleaning is a smelly procedure.
  • You need to open the windows for proper ventilation.
  • It is better to go for self-cleaning when you are not at home.
  • Always remember to remove the racks of the oven before self-cleaning.

When you are cleaning a burnt oven, self-cleaning can bolster the cleaning process.

Method 4: Bake Lemons In The Oven To Get Rid Of Stains

You can easily clean a burnt oven using kitchen ingredients. Firstly, baking soda helps. Secondly, lemons also come to the rescue of your dirty, burnt oven. All you need is a bowl of fresh lemon juice. Lemons are pretty handy for cleaning ceramic nails as well. Here’s how you can use lemons to clean your oven.


Step #1: Cut Lemons And Squeeze Out The Juice

Cut two lemons into halves and squeeze out the fresh juice. Place this juice in a baking dish that is safe for the oven.

Step #2: Add Lemon Peel And Water To The Dish

Add the peel of the lemons to increase the strength of the solution. Add enough water to fill the dish till half. Make sure not to dilute the lemon juice too much.

Step #3: Bake The Lemon Solution For 30 Minutes

After that, put the dish on a central rack and bake it for 30 minutes. The temperature at this time should be 121 degrees Celsius.

  1. It is perfectly normal for the oven to smoke during baking
  2. Keep proper ventilation to deal with the fumes without consequences
  3. Take out the dish after thirty minutes and remove the rack
  4. Wipe off the dislodged grime and gunk
  5. Do a double clean with a washed cloth.

Here’s a YouTube video that will guide you through the cleaning process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe Are Commercial Oven Cleaning Agents?

Well, commercial oven cleaning agents are safe with precautions. These cleaning agents consist of strong chemicals. Therefore, one needs to refrain from ingesting it.  Keep your eyes protected too.

What Are The Different Types Of Self-cleaning Methods For An Oven?

Modern ovens support two types of cleaning. The ovens go for either high-temperature cleaning or steam cleaning.

What Are The Common Precautions Used In The Procedure?

One of the common precautions while cleaning an oven is wearing rubber gloves. Wearing goggles and ensuring that you are protected from the fumes is also important.


Cleaning an oven after an oven fire is tedious. However, you can clean an oven like a professional if you know some of the tricks they use.

This article talks about how you can clean an oven with kitchen ingredients. When you follow the different methods of cleaning, always follow the steps. Stick to the steps, and your oven will be as good as new in no time.