How To Keep A House Clean With Cats

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Are you a cat lover? If yes, then you would most probably have one in your home. Most people always imagine a messy house when you have pets. But that’s not true.

You can still have a super clean while experiencing the joy of keeping the furry companions. 

How To Keep A House Clean With Cats

Wondering how to keep a house clean with cats? Here are some simple and effective ways to do so. Let’s dive in!

Cat sitting in the sofa while his owner is using his laptop

#1 Regularly Brush The Cat’s Fur

There are about 373 million pet cats around the world. A major concern of most cat owners is how to manage the cat fur and keep their home clean. Well, cats do shed a lot of fur like any other furry animal. But, don’t worry, there’s a solution for this. 

To keep your home clean and appealing, you need to brush their fur at regular intervals. If you have a cat with short fur, brushing once a week will do. However, for cats with long fur, daily brushing is essential. 

Regular brushing can control the spread of fur in your home. Moreover, it can be a great way to spend more quality time with your pet cat. Try using special gloves for grooming your cat.  

#2 Clean The Floor

When you have cats in your home, cleaning your floors regularly is a must. Even when you groom your cat daily, there is a chance that you would find fur on the floors.

So, regular cleaning is essential. If you have hard floors, they will be easy to clean. However, with carpet or rugs, you might have to invest some more time in cleaning it. 

If you want to clean up all the mess faster, make use of the pet vacuum. Vacuuming every day can help in controlling the dirt and fur in your home.

Once you are done with vacuuming, using a cleaning agent can add shine to your floor. However, make sure to use a pet-friendly one to avoid any harm to your pet.

#3 Keep The Litter Box Clean

For houses with cats, litter boxes are a big mess source. While most vets recommend having a litter box for every cat, you can have one for two cats. The key here is to keep it clean. 

Clean the litter box daily and frequently. You can also consider washing it with soap and water. It’s important as it starts smelling when not cleaned regularly. This can be unpleasant for your guests. Moreover, if you don’t clean it up soon, your cat will do its business next to the litter box, not in it. 

To avoid smell in any case, you can place the litter box far away from your living rooms.

#4 Ventilate And Use Odor Removers

Keeping your house clean with cats doesn’t only mean cleaning the floor but also getting rid of the odor. Well, when you have cats or any other pet, you are sure to deal with the odor. However, it can be displeasing for your guests. So, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

You can easily cover up the odor with the use of odor removers available in the market. Try getting the enzyme-based odor removers as they are more effective. They will not just cover up the smell but completely destroy it.

Woman opening her window

Another way to remove the cat odor in your home is by keeping your windows clean and open. With fresh air coming in and going out, you don’t have to worry about the smell. Moreover, it can also help you save money spent on air fresheners and enhance your home’s air quality. 

Yet another way out is to change the litter of your cat daily. It will significantly reduce the chances of odor in your home. 

#5 Remove Stains Right When You Spot Them

Stains from vomit or urine of cats can stain the floor or carpet and are quite difficult to remove. Moreover, if you do not remove early when fresh, cleaning old stains from your rugs can be even more challenging. So, make sure to remove such stains as soon as you see them.

Try using paper towels for cleaning as many solids and liquids as possible. Next, clean up the entire area with water and soap. You can also use pet stain removal products for effective cleaning.

Once done with cleaning, spray some enzymatic cleaner to avoid any odor. If you want to get rid of the unpleasant odor from your furniture and carpet, simply sprinkle baking soda on the spot. Allow it to settle for an hour and vacuum clean the spot.

#6 Separate The Cat’s Belongings

Some people are so fond of cats that they treat them as their own kids. They even have special belongings for their cats, like a bed. In such cases, having more mess in your home is quite common. 

However, the easy way to ensure a clean home is to keep your cat’s items separate from those you use. Another excellent idea is to have a completely separate room for all your cat stuff.

Separating things will allow you to clean the belongings and space of your cat rather than the entire house. 

#7 Clean Up Counters

The kitchen counters are one of the favorite spots for most pet cats. The cats keep moving in and around your home and often use the countertops as their sleeping lounge. 

So, make sure to clean up the surface of your kitchen counters regularly. It is important for your good health and hygiene. If any hair or fur of the cat goes into your food, there are high chances that you may have a reaction.

Do not hesitate to clean up the counters regularly before as well as after preparing your food. Moreover, consider using antibacterial cleaning agents for more efficient cleaning of the countertops.

#8 Deep Clean Regularly

If you have more traffic in your home, try deep cleaning at regular intervals. Especially when you have more than one cat and also have kids in your home, deep cleaning is a must. This is especially important if your pet recently recovered from diseases, such as having tapeworms.

Cat trying to climb a chair

You can consider deep cleaning at least once a week. However, if you have indoor and outdoor pet cats, try deep cleaning your home twice a week.

#9 Bathe The Cats

While bathing pet dogs is common, this is quite uncommon in the case of cats. However, bathing your pet cats regularly can actually help in keeping your home clean and avoiding odors. But avoid bathing them very frequently. 

If your cat is not ready to take a bath, you can at least try to wipe its paws regularly. It will help in removing all dirt and avoiding stains in your house. You can also use this opportunity to observe your cat and check if it sustained any injuries or wounds.

#10 Clean Your Furniture

Cat fur is a common sight on your furniture. So, cleaning them regularly is important. With leather furniture in your home, cleaning is quite easy. A simple wipe using a damp cloth will do.

However, when you have microfiber or fabric furniture, cleaning can be a bit tough. In such cases, try using the rubber squeegee for pulling out furs on the furniture. Try covering your furniture with blankets, covers, or towels for easy cleaning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Smell Of Cat Spray Fade Away?

Using cat sprays helps in removing the smell of urine or vomiting of the cats. However, cat sprays also do have a scent. But do not worry, the smell of the cat spray will fade within a few hours.

Does A Messy Home Have A Negative Impact On Cats?

A little mess won’t affect the cats negatively. Not having a spotless home will definitely not harm the cats. However, a hazardous-free and clean home is good for your cat.

How Do I Clean The Cat Hair In My House?

You can find a number of ways to clean the cat hair in your house. Some of the best ways are to use a vacuum cleaner, damp rubber gloves, and window squeegees. Rolling a thick tape on the surface where cat hair is present is also a great idea.

How Often Do I Clean My Pet Cat’s Bed?

A clean bed is good for the health of your pet cat. So, the more often, the better. However, cleaning your cat’s bed once every week is advisable.


These are some of the simple and easy yet effective tips to maintain a clean house with cats. While there are so many ways, you can go for the most appropriate ones for your situation. Now that you know the tricks, you can have cats in your home and ensure optimum cleanliness at the same time.