How to Clean a Papasan Cushion?

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Papasan cushions are an item of furniture to add comfort and aesthetic value to your living room. Cleaning the cushion regularly and with care ensures that it serves its purpose well. This article will show you how to clean a Papasan cushion.

How to Clean a Papasan Cushion?

Papasan cushions are made of polyester, making them as long-lasting as hugging a body pillow. But it requires to be regularly clean.

Materials Needed

Some warm water, amount depending on the size of the cushion.

  • Upholstery shampoo if the stains are very stiff.
  • Laundry detergent.
  • A table fan, if available.
  • A bristle brush for still stains or a soft piece of cloth.
  • A vacuum cleaner to effectively remove dust.
  • A paper towel.
  • Some deodorizing material.
A papasan chair with few cushions in place

Precautions to Be Taken

  • Choose cushions that can be easily cleaned down and are water repellent. The cushions are prone to becoming dirty, especially if you have pets.
  • Always use a cushion cover. It has primarily two advantages. The cushion cover ensures the Papasan doesn’t accumulate much dirt and is easy to clean.
  • Also, instead of purchasing a new cushion, a cushion cover is recommended if you want to change the appearance of your room.
  • If you spill or stain the cushion, remember to clean it instantly. If the stain marks dry up, it becomes tough to remove.
  • Avoid chlorinated bleaches as they may decolorize the cushion and reduce its aesthetic value.
  • Flip the cushions regularly so that indentation marks don’t fall on any side. You can keep the cushion’s color and appearance for an extended period.

Step #1: Use a Vacuum Cleaner

A Papasan cushion is composed of upholstered fabric, and regular vacuuming helps to keep it in good condition. It also removes any small solid materials and prepares the cushion for washing.

You can wash the Papasan cushion after thoroughly dusting it and ensuring no speck of dirt remains on it.

Step #2: Use Soapy Water

  1. Fill a tub with warm water with enough size for the cushion.
  2. To remove stains, use upholstery shampoo and water with detergent.
  3. Using that solution can clean sheepskin seat covers too.
  4. Let the cushion soak in the water for some time. You will see that the dirt begins to get released, and the color of the cushion changes.
  5. Scrub the cushion with a clean piece of cloth. If the cushion’s fabric is durable enough, use a bristle brush to scrub it.
  6. Seeing any stiff marks on cushions, you can use a wet sponge to remove the spots.
  7. Put some upholstery shampoo mixture on the wet sponge and use it to clean the cushion.
  8. Apply gentle pressure to the cushion with your hand to allow warm water to escape, then remove your feet to allow the water to return.
  9. Allowing the warm water to enter and leave the cushion is essential to clean the cushion effectively.
  10. Repeat this process for some time. Replace the water in the bucket and repeat the same process until you see satisfactory results.
  11. Also, remember to flip the cushion regularly during the cleaning process. It will keep both sides clean.

Similar to the cleaning process of tennis balls, you can also use a washing machine to clean the cushion if it is too large. Always make sure to operate the machine in delicate mode.

While scrubbing on the cushion, make sure to do it delicately as it may damage the cushion otherwise.

A person checking the laundry

Step #3: Dry the Cushion

After the cushion is properly cleaned, you also need to give it sufficient time to dry properly. The cushion mustn’t stay wet before usage as it may incur permanent damage.

  1. Apply pressure on the cushion to squeeze out all excess water from it. Any amount of moisture remaining inside can cause it to stink.
  2. If available, use table fans to dry the cushion. Place it as close to the fans as possible to expose most of its area to the fan.
  3. It will fast and smooth drying. If you don’t have table fans, place the cushion under your ceiling fan and run it at full speed.
  4. After you have dried it under the fan, it is advisable to dry it under some sunlight. The warmth of the sunlight helps to make the cushion cozier and fluffier.
  5. If your cushion is large, it is advisable to dry it with industrial dryers available at professional stores.
  6. Remember that wet cushions can be weighty, and it’s not ideal for carrying them alone.

Put a paper towel on the cushion and press it. If the paper gets wet, it means the cushion still has some moisture and needs to be dried further.

Step #4: Add Some Fragrance

Even after drying it and taking all precautions, the cushion may begin to smell foul if it isn’t dried soon enough.

The foul smell occurs because of mold growth inside the cushion. This is highly undesirable and the last thing you want in your living room.

To prevent this, apply some deodorizing solution to the cushion so that there is no chance of a foul smell. You can try a mixture of baking soda and water, a deodorizing solution used for burlap fabrics. Then put the cushion cover back on.

Here’s a short video about how to clean a cushion cover properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cleaning a Papasan Cushion Tedious?

Cleaning a Papasan cushion is a simple process if done systematically. It needs patience and proportionate use of chemicals.

Lifting the wet cushion can be a little tedious, and you should take someone’s help with it. The rest of the process is not labor-intensive.

A bamboo papasan chair with a white papasan cushion

Is Cleaning a Papasan Cushion Expensive?

The Papasan cushion begins to look dull and accumulates dirt with time, especially when you are always busy and have no time for cleaning.

Since the cushion contributes to the aesthetics of your living room, it is natural you want it to look clean—the materials required to clean it last long and are usually used in the household. Therefore, cleaning it is financially worth it.


The process of cleaning a Papasan cushion is as simple as cleaning a cushion puff and can be done effectively by following some steps. Remember to be very gentle while cleaning it.