How To Clean Dog Urine From a Cowhide Rug

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Having a dog at home is really fun, but at times it does create trouble. One such trouble is when it pees on your cowhide rug. If you ignore the dog’s urine over your cowhide rug, then it will eventually produce an unbearable smell and create an awful environment for you.

Therefore, you need to learn the correct methods of cleaning the rug as it becomes difficult for people to get rid of that smell when it stays for a long time.

How To Clean Dog Urine From A Cowhide Rug

Cowhide rugs are made up of leather. And, leather absorbs moisture & humidity, resulting in the multiplication of bacteria at an exponential rate. Therefore, if you leave the dog pee over the cowhide rug unattended, bacteria build-up will increase exponentially.

Living room with a cowhide rug

Hence, the smell will become worse over time.

You need to be aware of some of the best ways to prevent this smell from lasting longer than a day. And, this guide is about to help you with it.

Whether you have an energetic bull terrier running around the house or a calm Saint Bernard that loves to take up space on your rug, these methods will work to remove their messes. Follow the methods and learn about how to clean dog urine from a cowhide rug.

Method 1: Spot Cleaning With Diluted Soap

It is better to start with an easy and effective cleaning method for eliminating dog urine stains over cowhide rugs. And, soap being readily available at almost every house, is the first choice to clean.

  1. Use a clean towel for blotting the urine immediately off the rug surface.
  2. Wet a clean sponge and damp it with warm water. (Do not use hot water)
  3. Blot the stained area repeatedly with it until the dog urine eradicates.
  4. Get a soap that is compatible with cleaning cowhide rugs.
  5. Dilute the soap with warm water, and use the sponge to blot the stained area.
  6. Repeat the blotting process until stains are out.
  7. Now, use another rag or sponge and clean water for further blotting to remove soap residues.
  8. Blot the clear spot with a sponge and clean water to remove soap remnants.


Do not prefer using bleach cleaners, as it might dry out the leather of the rug and crack it.

Method 2: Cleaning With Baking Soda & White Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are very good cleaning agents because of their respective alkaline and acidic nature. Follow the steps to approach this cleaning method correctly:

Step 1: Get All The Supplies Ready

  1. White vinegar
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Sponge
  4. Knife
  5. Vacuum Cleaner

Step 2: Prepare The Cleaning Solution

  1. Add one tablespoon of white vinegar to a bowl.
  2. Now, add two full glasses of water into the bowl with vinegar.
  3. Mix it up well with a wooden spatula or any other mixing tool.
Dog lying on the floor

Step 3: Apply The Mixture To The Cowhide Rug

  1. Identify the stained spot.
  2. Use a sponge for the applying process.
  3. Damp it in the white vinegar and water solution.
  4. Dab the mixture over the area.
  5. Apply it thoroughly over the smelly or stain spots.

Step 4: Put The Cowhide Rug To Dry

  1. Leave the cowhide rug outside under the sun.
  2. Keep the hidden side up and not the hair side.
  3. Let the rug air dry naturally, under the sun.

Step 5: Apply Baking Soda After It Is Dried

  1. Check if the cowhide rug is completely dry.
  2. Now, sprinkle the spots with baking soda.
  3. Sprinkle it thoroughly over the affected areas over the rug.
  4. Let it settle down for 24 hours.

Step 6: Vacuum The Cowhide Rug

Use a vacuum cleaner the next day to clean the sprinkled baking soda. It is a better alternative than dusting it off. It is because dusting may not effectively clean all the baking soda particles, and some remnants might stay on the rug. Furthermore, vacuum cleaning is much effective in sucking them all out of the leather pores.

Step 7: Scraping The Cowhide Rug Surface

  1. Use a knife for the purpose.
  2. Scrap the cleaned area with it.
  3. It will make the cowhide rug fluffy and attractive.


Treating the backside of the stained area over the cowhide rug is also important. Therefore, fill a spray bottle with water & vinegar solution. Spray it over the back region of the stained part. This, in turn, will help maintain the pH balance and eradicate the odor.

Closeup of people's feet stepping on a clean cowhide rug

Check out this demonstration of cleaning dog urine from cowhide rugs and other usual cleaning procedures over this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Clean The Cowhide Rugs?

It would be best if you considered vacuuming a cowhide rug at least three times a week. Furthermore, to maintain the shine and appeal, you will also have to deep clean the carpet at least once or twice every month.

Though these rugs are durable by nature and are easy to maintain, however, just like any other carpet, they need subtle care over time.

Is Washing Machine Cleaning Ideal For Cowhide Rugs?

No, washing machine cleaning is not ideal for cowhide rugs. It will make the rugs very hard by drying them out completely, just like cardboard. Hence, you can prefer dry cleaning of cowhide rugs over time, but avoid machine cleaning at all costs. For more insight into why it is not the best idea, please check out this article.


Keep your cowhide rug clean regularly, and don’t let dog urine disturb your peace of mind. The methods above are pretty effective in serving the purpose. If you wish to store your cowhide rug for a while after you clean it, you should not do it like any other regular rug.

Instead of folding it, you should roll it and avoid creasing to the best possible extent.