How To Clean Jordan 11 Shoes

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Cleaning snickers can be a tedious job, more when you’re dealing with the Jordan 11 shoes. That’s because it is composed of EVA foam, patent leather, and a premium mesh on the uppers. In this article, we’ll tell you how to clean Jordan 11 shoes the right way.

How To Clean Jordan 11 Shoes  

Removing scuff marks and cleaning patent leather are the two most challenging tasks when cleaning Jordan 11 shoes. You can maintain the leather flexibility by occasionally applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly or conditioner.

Jordan 11 shoes placed on the ground

Step 1: Perform A Basic Clean

  1. Before deep cleaning the shoe, you need to clean and remove free dirt particles from the shoe’s surface.
  2. Take the two Jordan 11 shoes and knock them together to remove any dirt particles that might be stuck in their sole. 
  3. With the help of a toothbrush, carefully remove all solid dirt particles attached to the shoe’s creases and corners.
  4. Using a paper towel or a soft piece of cloth to remove any debris or particles of dirt that are visible.
  5. Make sure you dust the shoes over a surface that can be cleaned easily like concrete, or preferably outdoors.
  6. Soak a sponge or a small piece of cloth in warm water and with it clean the sole of the shoe. This will help to get rid of all superficial stains. You can also use magic stain erasers.

This process can also be done using sneaker cleaning wipes that effectively remove stains from the shoe surfaces. Mild baby wipes can also do the trick for mild stains, they are also pretty effective in cleaning clear stamps.

Step 2: Go For A Deep Clean

After the debris and loose dirt fragments are removed from the surface of your Jordan 11 shoes, your shoe is ready for a deep clean.

  1. In a container, pour some cold water and add a few drops of dish soap. This solution needs to be used for proper cleaning of the shoes.
  2. Dip the bristles of a shoe brush into this solution and use it to clean your Jordan 11 shoes. Scrub the surface properly with the brush.
  3. Repeat this process for some time, periodically dipping the brush into the soap solution to ensure effective cleaning.
  4. Use cold water to properly rinse off the soap water from the shoe surface after scrubbing it properly. Remember, warm water can damage the glue and fabric of the shoe.
  5. Squeeze the shoes, pat them on a dry surface and remove all excess water from the shoes. Use a paper towel to remove all the excess water.
  6. Now, it is time to dry the shoes thoroughly. Dry it in front of a table fan to ensure the process is fast. 
  7. It is advisable to dry the shoes under sunlight as it also helps prevent bacterial growth in the shoes and helps to deodorize them.
Clean Jordan 11 shoes

Step 3: Clean The Laces 

The laces also need to be cleaned properly to ensure that your Jordan 11 gets the appearance you want it to.

  1. You can clean the laces in a washing machine. Use cold water for the washing machine and operate it in a gentle mode.
  2. Use a mesh laundry bag to put the laces into the washing machine. This prevents the laces from getting entangled and hence getting damaged.
  3. You can use a pillowcase in the absence of a mesh laundry bag. Remember to shut it properly before placing it inside the washing machine.
  4. Take a small bowl filled with lukewarm water and a small amount of detergent into it. Stir it properly to create a solution of uniform density.
  5. Put the laces into the solution and stir for about ten to twenty seconds. After this, let it stand for about half an hour. This should remove all the dirt from the laces.
  6. Now, take out the laces and dry them properly. Squeeze it to remove the excess water and then dry it on a paper towel.

This process cleans your shoelaces. However, due to usage, the laces get worn out faster than the shoes. Therefore, it is recommended to buy new laces if your laces are over-damaged.

As we use shoes regularly, they need a proper cleaning and care routine to maintain their durability and appearance in the long term.

Step 4: Deodorize The Shoes

Even after cleaning your Jordan 11 shoes, it is wise to take some steps to remove any chances of odor coming from your shoes.

Closeup of Jordan 11 shoes
  1. Take some tea bags of your choice, about two to three, and place them inside both the shoes. Let them stay inside the bag for almost a day.
  2. The teabags can suck out any excess moisture from inside the shoe, which is the leading cause of the foul smell. A fresh-smelling tea bag makes the shoe smell fresh.
  3. Make a solution of water and vinegar, taking both in equal amounts, and spray it over the surface of the shoe. Also, spray the solution inside the shoe, to make sure that the insoles are properly cared for as well.
  4. Place the shoes in front of an electric fan to properly dry the shoe and move to the next step.
  5. Pour some amount of baking soda into a bag and tie the mouth of the bag tightly. Put it inside the shoe for a day to remove the odor.

Make sure not to add baking soda directly on the shoe surface to avoid potential damage. Here is a short video to help you clean a Jordan 11 shoe.

Frequently Asked Question

How Frequently Should A Jordan 11 Shoe Be Cleaned?

The cleaning routine for a Jordan 11 shoe depends on how often you use it, and also the extent of it. However, on average, you should regularly dust your shoe and clean it once every two months.

Is It Costly To Clean Jordan 11 Shoes?

The cost involved in cleaning Jordan 11 shoes is very minimal. The only thing you might need to buy is a sneaker cleaning swipe, which is optional. All other items required are things of daily use, and hence almost no cost is incurred for cleaning Jordan 11 shoes.


The Jordan 11 shoes help to protect your shoe when you go out wearing them. However, just like how you regularly clean your Converse shoes, they also need to be maintained carefully so that they can last for a long time. Cleaning the shoe is simple, and if done methodically, it helps keep the shoe in the best possible shape.